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ECPA has compiled this list of Christian Books by Authors of Color in several categories. They are listed in alphabetical order by title, and represent a variety of works. This is not a comprehensive list and ECPA will continue to post additional resources to this site.

Self-help / Motivational books by authors of color
Title Author ISBN Publisher Pub date
30 Days to a Stronger, More Confident You Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736961219 Harvest House Publishers 2/1/15
30 Days to Overcoming Addictive Behavior Tony Evans 9780736964630 Harvest House Publishers 4/1/17
30 Days to Overcoming Emotional Strongholds Tony Evans 9780736961837 Harvest House Publishers 5/1/15
30 Days to Taming Worry and Anxiety Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736968577 Harvest House Publishers 4/1/17
30 Days to Taming Your Anger Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736945745 Harvest House Publishers 4/1/13
30 Days to Taming Your Emotions Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736948258 Harvest House Publishers 2/1/12
30 Days to Taming Your Fears Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736920414 Harvest House Publishers 8/1/11
30 Days to Taming Your Finances Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736918367 Harvest House Publishers 6/1/06
30 Days to Taming Your Kid's Tongue Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736958295 Harvest House Publishers 10/1/14
30 Days to Taming Your Tongue Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736922104 Harvest House Publishers 3/1/08
30 Days to Victory Through Forgiveness Tony Evans 9780736961851 Harvest House Publishers 5/1/15
5 Days to a Clutter-Free House Marsha Sims 9781441240859 Baker Publishing Group 2/1/2013
8 Steps to Achieve Your Destiny Samuel R. Chand 9781629117348 Whitaker House 9/6/16
8 Steps to Achieve Your Destiny Samuel R. Chand 9781629117881 Whitaker House 9/6/16
A Chance to Build Steve Pemberton 9780310362326 Zondervan 9/28/21
A Sassy Girl's Guide to Loving God Michelle McKinney Hammond 9780736913881 Harvest House Publishers 3/1/05
A Woman's Gotta Do What a Woman's Gotta Do Michelle McKinney Hammond 9780736926553 Harvest House Publishers 4/1/12
All Along You Were Blooming Morgan Harper Nichols 9780310454076 Zondervan 1/21/2020
Anchored in Light: Understanding and Overcoming the Five Deadliest Threats to Your Faith Carl Prude Jr. 9780891123477 Leafwood Publishers 9/19/13
Answered Prayer Guaranteed Frederick KC Price 9781616384906 Charisma House 10/04/11
Authentic Taffi Dollar 9781577949336 Harrison House 6/21/10
Be Giant Killers Ed Norwood 9781649490216 Elk Lake Publishing 6/20/20
Beyond the Storm Debra Morton 9781400208333 Thomas Nelson Publishers 3/5/2019
Brave Enough to Succeed Valorie Burton 9780736970969 Harvest House Publishers 11/1/17
Change Your Trajectory Dale Bronner 9781629115528 Whitaker House 9/22/15
Choose Your Attitude, Change Your Life…in 30 Days Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736958271 Harvest House Publishers 4/1/14
Confronting Without Offending Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736921497 Harvest House Publishers 3/1/09
Culture Catalyst Samuel R. Chand 9781641230780 Whitaker House 3/6/18
Daniel Fast Made Delicious Revised John & Ann Cavazos 9781621365716 Charisma House 1/7/14
Dare to Bloom Zim Flores 9781400218691 Zondervan 12/8/2020
Discover Your Destiny Tony Evans 9780736967747 Harvest House Publishers 6/1/17
Don't Settle for Safe Sarah Jakes Roberts 9780718081966 Thomas Nelson Publishers 4/18/2017
Enough Already Barbara Roose 9781426789014 Abingdon 3/17/2015
Every Reason to Praise Sonya McNair 9781424553846 BroadStreet Publishing 3/1/2017
Faith That Sees Through the Culture Rev Alfonso O Espinosa 9780758660046 Concordia Publishing House 6/1/2018
Financial Survival in Uncertain Times Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736927277 Harvest House Publishers 1/1/09
Fit for the King Thomas Hundley 9781603749503 Whitaker House 4/12/13
Fit For Your Assignment Reina Olmeda 9781621366126 Charisma House 5/6/2014
Forgive, Let Go, and Live Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736962223 Harvest House Publishers 8/1/15
Gently Awakened Sara Joseph 9781937756871 Deep River Books 7/11/13
Getting Smart About Life, Love, and Men Michelle McKinney Hammond 9780736959407 Harvest House Publishers 9/1/14
God's Plans for Your Finances Dwight Nichols 9780883685099 Whitaker House 1/1/98
Happy Women Live Better Valorie Burton 9780736956758 Harvest House Publishers 10/1/13
Healing Racial Trauma Sheila Wise Rowe 9780830845880 InterVarsity Press 1/7/2020
Healing Racial Trauma: The Road To Resilience Sheila Wise Rowe; narrated by Sheila Wise Rowe 9781545913840 ChristianAudio 1/28/2020
Heroes Wanted Rodney D. Bullard 9780736967761 Harvest House Publishers 2/1/18
History Maker Dr Cindy Trimm 9780768417081 Destiny Image 11/1/17
How to Be Happy Where You Are Michelle McKinney Hammond 9780736937924 Harvest House Publishers 3/1/12
How to Fix a Broken Record Amena Brown 9780310349334 Zondervan 11/7/2017
How to Get Past Disappointment Michelle McKinney Hammond 9780736937863 Harvest House Publishers 2/1/11
How to Have Your Life Not Suck Bianca Juarez Olthoff 9780310345268 Zondervan 8/27/2019
Inlaws, Outlaws and the Functional Family Harry J Jackson Jr 9781599792408 Charisma House 10/04/07
Inspire for Teachers Josie Carr 9781577948841 Harrison House 4/18/08
It's Not Too Late Tony Evans 9780736968492 Harvest House Publishers 2/1/16
Kick-start the New You Ingrid Macher 9781629116181 Whitaker House 12/4/15
Kill the Spider Carlos Whittaker 9780310338000 Zondervan 10/3/2017
Lead Like a Woman Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736984157 Harvest House Publishers 8/1/20
Lee Jenkins on Money Lee Jenkins 9780802488039 Moody Publishers 10/1/09
Life Coaching for Successful Women Valorie Burton 9780736980272 Harvest House Publishers 1/1/20
Life to the Fullest Joseph Ripley 9781603741002 Whitaker House 3/13/09
Listen to Your Life Valorie Burton 9781578568208 WaterBrook 3/16/2004
Making Your Money Count Kenneth Ulmer 9781441225986 Baker Publishing Group 8/1/2007
Male vs. Man Dondré Whitfield 9780310357131 Zondervan 4/7/2020
Meant for More Rev Dr John Nunes 9780758665317 Concordia Publishing House 10/27/2020
[email protected] Dr. I.V. Hilliard 9781577948797 Harrison House 7/15/08
Outgrow Your Space at Work Rick Whitted 9780800726676 Baker Publishing Group 1/5/2016
Play With Fire Bianca Juarez Olthoff 9780310345244 Zondervan 8/30/2016
Possessing Your Healing Kynan Bridges 9780768442045 Destiny Image 2/1/2013
Prosperity Frederick KC Price 9781599792385 Charisma House 12/13/07
Relational Intelligence Dr. Dharius Daniels 9780310357827 Zondervan 1/28/2020
Restoration House Kennesha Buycks 9780310092063 Zondervan 4/30/2019
Right Attitudes for Right Living Michelle McKinney Hammond 9780736928540 Harvest House Publishers 8/1/11
Saving the Saved Bryan Loritts 9780310344995 Zondervan 10/11/16
Second Chances Pat Smith 9781441229502 Baker Publishing Group 5/17/16
She's Still There Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310347811 Zondervan 8/8/17
Socially Confident in 60 Seconds Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736962292 Harvest House Publishers 7/1/16
Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart Kara Davis 9781616384647 Charisma House 2/5/13
Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss Kara Davis 9781599793771 Charisma House 7/24/08
Successful Women Speak Differently Valorie Burton 9780736956802 Harvest House Publishers 11/1/16
Successful Women Think Differently: Valorie Burton 9780736938563 Harvest House Publishers 2/1/12
Take the Lid Off Smokie Norful 9780718078935 Thomas Nelson Publishers 9/5/2017
Ten Time Management Choices That Can Change Your Life Marsha Sims 9780800788339 Baker Publishing Group 1/20/2015
The Diva Principle Michelle McKinney Hammond 9780736933841 Harvest House Publishers 1/1/04
The Greatest You Trent Shelton 9781400207930 Thomas Nelson Publishers 5/7/19
The One-Minute Money Mentor for Women Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736972260 Harvest House Publishers 12/1/18
The Power of a Woman Who Leads Gail M. Hayes 9780736949361 Harvest House Publishers 4/1/13
The Power of Being a Woman Michelle McKinney Hammond 9780736940146 Harvest House Publishers 7/1/14
The Seductive Slayers of Success Rosalinda Rivera 9781641233217 Whitaker House 11/19/19
The Seven Rules of Success Wayne Cordeiro 9781441266149 Baker Publishing Group 10/6/06
Think Like a Girl Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway 9780310361206 Zondervan 5/4/21
Throw Off What Holds You Back Bishop George Bloomer 9781591851950 Charisma House 10/08/03
Timeless Kara Davis 9781629985961 Charisma House 9/16/15
Title TBD Richard Lui 9780310362395 Zondervan 3/23/21
Transform Your Thinking Dr. Bill Winston 9781577949718 Harrison House 7/16/09
Turn the Page Dr. Johnny Parker 9781944430610 Elk Lake Publishing 12/16/20
Turn Your Season Around Darryl Strawberry 9780310360865  Zondervan 1/12/2021
Uncommon Tony Dungy 9781414326825 Tyndale House Publishers 1/27/2009
Walk, Run, Soar Dorina Gilmore Young 9780764236051 Baker Publishing Group 11/3/20
Watch Your Mouth Tony Evans 9780736960601 Harvest House Publishers 9/1/16
What's Really Holding You Back? Valorie Burton 9781578568215 WaterBrook 3/15/05
What's Shaking Your Ladder? Samuel R. Chand 9781629116761 Whitaker House 4/12/16
Where Will You Go from Here? Valorie Burton 9780307729767 WaterBrook 6/21/11
Who Says You Can’t? Kingsley Fletcher 9781599794631 Charisma House 1/5/09
Who's Holding Your Ladder? Samuel R. Chand 9781629116129 Whitaker House 2/16/16
Why Smart People Make Dumb Choices Deborah Smith Pegues and Ricky Temple 9780736928526 Harvest House Publishers 5/1/10
Your Comeback Tony Evans 9780736960649 Harvest House Publishers 5/1/18
Your Miraculous Potential Wayne A. Chaney Jr. 9781629116952 Whitaker House 11/1/16
Your Spiritual Makeover Paperback Taffi Dollar 9781577949749 Harrison House 1/15/10

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