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Christian Books on Racial Justice | Christian Books by Authors of Color
ECPA has compiled this list of Christian Books by Authors of Color in several categories. They are listed in alphabetical order by title, and represent a variety of works. This is not a comprehensive list and ECPA will continue to post additional resources to this site.

Bible Study / Commentary by authors of color
Title Author ISBN Publisher Pub date
1 Corinthians Stephen Um 9781433512001 Crossway 11/30/15
1 Peter Dennis R. Edwards 9780310327301 Zondervan Academic 5/9/17
1 Peter, The Story of God Bible Commentary Dennis R. Edwards 9780310327301 Zondervan 5/9/17
A Beginner's Guide to New Testament Studies Nijay K. Gupta 9780801097577 Baker Publishing Group 2/4/20
A Case for Historic Premillennialism Craig L. Blomberg and Sung Wook Chung, eds. 9780801035968 Baker Publishing Group 1/9/09
A Concise History of Christian Doctrine Justo L. González 9780687344147 Abingdon 12/30/01
A Great Cloud of Witnesses Trillia Newbell 9780802421074 Moody Publishers 1/1/21
Acts Justo L. González 9781570753985 Abingdon 11/30/01
Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin Hans Madueme and Michael Reeves, eds. 9780801039928 Baker Publishing Group 10/17/14
Africa and the Bible Edwin M. Yamauchi 9780801031199 Baker Publishing Group 6/9/06
Africa Bible Commentary Tokunboh Adeyemo 9780310291879 Zondervan Academic 9/18/10
All The Good Amy Valdez Barker, Jung Choi, Sangwoo Kim 9781791017972 Abingdon Press 9/21/21
An Introduction to Christian Theology Justo L. González 9780687095735 Abingdon 6/29/98
Anxiety Skip McDonald 9780830831241 InterVarsity Press 4/21/20
Assessing Your Prophetic Self Paula A. Price, Ph.D. 9781641234511 Whitaker House 6/16/20
Be Thou My Guide Margo Heath-Dupre 9780758662644 Concordia Publishing House 1/2/20
Beautiful Already Bible Study Barbara Roose 9781501813542 Abingdon 3/1/16
Beyond the Curse Aída Besançon Spencer 9780801047749 Baker Publishing Group 5/8/89
Biblical Greek Made Simple Danny Zacharias 9781683591009 Lexham Press 11/12/18
Blessing and Praise H.B. Charles Jr. 9781642892444 Ligonier Ministries 2/18/20
Breakthrough Barb Roose  9781791014223 Abingdon Press 4/6/21
Celebrating Marriage T.D. Jakes 9781441213471 Baker Publishing Group 10/1/03
Concise Guide to the Quran Ayman S. Ibrahim 9781540962928 Baker Publishing Group 11/3/20
Conspicuous in His Absence Chloe Sun 9780830854882 InterVarsity Press 2/23/21
Converge Bible Studies: Encountering Grace Joseph Yoo 9781426795534 Abingdon 5/20/14
Converge Bible Studies: Idolatry Curtis Zachery 9781426795541 Abingdon 6/17/14
Converge Bible Studies: Our Common Sins Dottie Escobedo Frank 9781426768989 Abingdon 4/1/13
Converge Bible Studies: Practical Prayer Joseph Yoo 9781426778254 Abingdon 8/1/13
Converge Bible Studies: Sharing the Gospel Curtis Zachery 9781426771569 Abingdon 6/1/13
Count it All Joy John Perkins 9780802421753 Moody Publishers 9/1/21
Creation Justo L. González 9781426785955 Abingdon 11/3/15
Crushing the Devil Pedro Okoro 9781937756116 Deep River Books 5/7/12
CSB Tony Evans Study Bible Tony Evans 9781433606861 B&H Publishing Group 11/1/19
Defending Shame Te-Li Lau 9781540960146 Baker Publishing Group 4/2/20
Deuteronomy Ajith Fernando 9781433531002 Crossway 5/31/12
Diccionario de dificultades y aparentes contradicciones bíblicas John W. Haley and Santiago Escuain 9788418204999 Clie 7/28/21
Diccionario de figuras de dicción E.W. Bullinguer/F. LA Cueva 9788418810008 Clie 9/8/21
Diccionario enciclopédico bíblico ilustrado  Alfonso Ropero 9788418204067 Clie 3/31/21
Discerning Ethics Edited by Hak Joon Lee and Tim Dearborn 9780830852727 InterVarsity Press 2/24/20
Embraced Bible Study Babbie Mason 9781426754418 Abingdon 8/1/12
Ephesians Study Guide plus Streaming Video Derwin L. Gray 9780310125754 HarperChristian Resources 11/30/21
Ephesians: a 12-Week Study Eric C. Redmond 9781433548451 Crossway 6/30/16
Essential Theological Terms Justo L. González 9780664228101 Abingdon 6/20/05
Ethnic Identity: Bringing Your Full Self to God Steve Tamayo 9780830831555 InterVarsity Press 1/19/21
Everything the Bible Says about Heaven Linda Washington 9781441232458 Baker Publishing Group 8/1/11
Exalting Jesus in Acts Thabiti Anyabwile 9781433647093 B&H Publishing Group 7/1/17
Exalting Jesus in John Thabiti Anyabwile 9780805496536 B&H Publishing Group 11/1/16
Exalting Jesus in Luke Thabiti Anyabwile 9780805497465 B&H Publishing Group 5/1/18
Experienceing Jesus T.D. Jakes 9781441213440 Baker Publishing Group 10/1/03
Family in the Bible Richard S. Hess, and M. Daniel Carroll R., eds. 9780801026287 Baker Publishing Group 10/30/03
Father of Lights, The Junius Johnson 9781540962492 Baker Publishing Group 9/29/20
First Nations Version: An Indigenous Translation of the New Testament Terry M. Wildman 9780830813506 InterVarsity Press 8/31/21
Five Views on the Church and Politics  Bruce Fields (co-author) 9780310517924 Zondervan 12/15/20
Give It Up Dottie Escobedo Frank 9781426785962 Abingdon 11/12/14
Glimpsing the Mystery Barbara Leung Lai 9781577997740 Lexham Press 10/26/16
Global Bible Commentary Daniel Patte, editor 9780687064038 Abingdon 9/29/00
Guía práctica para el discipulado y las misiones Heberto J. Becerra 9788418204173 Clie 4/21/21
Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters Marion Ann Taylor, ed.; Agnes Choi, assoc. ed. 9781540960702 Baker Publishing Group 5/18/18
Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers Abner Chou 9780825443244 Kregel Publications 2/23/18
High King of Heaven H.B. Charles 9780802418098 Moody Publishers 3/1/18
Historia de la conquista de América Luis N. Rivera Pagán 9788418204517 Clie 8/11/21
Holy Imagination Judy Fentress Williams 9781426775314 Abingdon 11/3/20
Holy Living: Study K. Kale Yu 9781501877643 Abingdon 2/18/20
How to Read Theology Uche Anizor 9780801049750 Baker Publishing Group 5/18/18
If God Is For Us Trillia Newbell 9780802417138 Moody Publishers 1/1/19
Immersion: Apocrypha David deSilva 9781426742972 Abingdon 10/15/13
Immersion: Ezekiel/Daniel Carlyle Fielding Stewart III 9781426716386 Abingdon 10/15/13
Immersion: Galatians/Ephesians/Philippians Frank Ramirez 9781426710841 Abingdon 5/1/11
Immersion: Joshua/Judges/Ruth Isabel N. Docampo 9781426716348 Abingdon 8/1/12
Immersion: Mark Emerson Powery 9781426709166 Abingdon 1/1/11
Immersion: Proverbs/Ecclesiastes/Song of Solomon Frank Ramirez 9781426716317 Abingdon 1/1/12
Immersion: Revelation John Y. H. Yieh and Henry Brinton 9781426709920 Abingdon 9/1/11
Indigenous Theology and the Western Worldview Randy S. Woodley 9781540964717 Baker Academic (Baker Publishing Group) 4/19/22
Interpreting Galatians, 2nd Edition Moisés Silva 9780801023057 Baker Publishing Group 11/5/01
Intimacy with God T.D. Jakes 9781441213457 Baker Publishing Group 10/1/03
Introducción a la apologética cristiana Antonio Cruz 9788418204043 Clie 4/28/21
Introducing the Apocrypha, 2nd Edition David A. deSilva 9780801097416 Baker Publishing Group 2/2/18
Invitation to Biblical Hebrew Syntax  Kyoungwon Choi 9780825442575 Kregel Publications 5/30/17
Invitation to Biblical Hebrew Workbook Kyoungwon Choi 9780825426520 Kregel Publications 6/6/06
Invitation to Biblical Hebrew-DVDs Kyoungwon Choi 9780825426513 Kregel Publications 7/5/06
Invitation to Biblical Hebrew: A Beginning Grammar Kyoungwon Choi 9780825426506 Kregel Publications 6/7/06
Invitation to the Septuagint, 2nd Edition Karen H. Jobes and Moisés Silva 9780801036491 Baker Publishing Group 11/2/15
I’m Waiting God Bible Study Barbara Roose 9781501888625 Abingdon 9/17/19
James and Jude John Painter and David A. deSilva 9780801036347 Baker Publishing Group 10/12/12
Jesucristo es el Señor Samuel Pagán  9788418204944 Clie 5/4/22
Joshua Bible Study Barbara Roose 9781501813603 Abingdon 4/17/18
La inerrancia bíblica Andrés Messmer and José Uwe Hutter 9788417620967 Clie 3/3/21
La sombra religiosa americana José Luis Avendaño 9788418204494 Clie 9/15/21
Las Parábolas del Reino de Jesús de Nazaret  Samuel Pagán 9788418204418 Clie 5/5/21
Las siete fiestas de Jehová  Eduardo Cartea Millos 9788417620400 Clie 4/7/21
Life Overflowing T.D. Jakes 9781441260321 Baker Publishing Group 1/1/08
Living Crazy Love Francis Chan 9781434703873 David C Cook 9/1/11
Los Milagros del Reino de Jesús de Nazaret Samuel Pagán 9788418204449 Clie 5/5/21
Loved by God T.D. Jakes 9781441213488 Baker Publishing Group 10/1/03
Mission after Pentecost Amos Yong 9781540961150 Baker Publishing Group 9/26/19
More Ultimate Bible Trivia Timothy E. Parker 9780800736750 Baker Publishing Group 4/21/20
Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples Francis Chan 9780781408233 David C Cook 11/1/12
Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian Michelle Lee-Barnewall 9780801039577 Baker Publishing Group 2/11/16
Never Alone Bible Study Tiffany Bluhm 9781501845826 Abingdon 2/6/18
New Birth or Rebirth? Ravi Zacharias 9781601423191 Multnomah 11/2/10
NIV Beautiful Word Bible Journal, Galatians Zondervan 9780310456070 Zondervan 6/1/21
One Nation under God - Downloadable B Keith Haney  204223pdf-Concordia Concordia Publishing 3/1/17
Overcoming the Enemy T.D. Jakes 9780764228445 Baker Publishing Group 10/1/03
Paul and the Giants of Philosophy David E. Briones 9780830852284 InterVarsity Press 10/15/19
Peoples of the Old Testament World Alfred J. Hoerth, Gerald L. Mattingly, and Edwin M. Yamauchi, eds. 9780801021961 Baker Publishing Group 6/29/98
Persia and the Bible Edwin M. Yamauchi 9780801021084 Baker Publishing Group 2/3/97
Perspectives on Paul Scot McKnight and B. J. Oropeza, eds. 9781540960757 Baker Publishing Group 10/27/20
Philippians, 2nd Edition Moisés Silva 9780801026812 Baker Publishing Group 3/11/05
Privilege the Text! Abraham Kuruvilla 9780802407139 Moody Publishers 5/1/13
Reading While Black Esau McCaulley 9780830854868 InterVarsity Press 9/1/20
Redemptive Kingdom Diversity Jarvis Williams 9781540964625 Baker Academic (Baker Publishing Group) 9/28/21
Remembering the Forgotten God Francis Chan 9781434700889 David C Cook 3/1/10
Retrieving Nicaea Khaled Anatolios 9781540960696 Baker Publishing Group 2/16/18
Revelation As Civil Disobedience Thomas Slater 9781501841743 Abingdon 11/5/19
Romans (NYABS) Joel E. Kim 9781683590736 Lexham Press 11/29/17
Running from Mercy Anthony Carter 9781535902458 B&H Publishing Group 10/1/18
Santa Biblia: Bible Through Hispanic Eyes Justo L. González 9780687014521 Abingdon 2/1/96
Say It! Redmond 9780802419200 Moody Publishers 2/1/20
Say Yes When Life Says No Workbook DeForest B. Soaries Jr. 9780830777327 David C Cook 7/1/19
Scriptures for Faith, Deliverance and Healing  John Eckhardt  9781629991368 Charisma House 10/3/17
Scriptures for Worship, Holiness and the Nature of God  John Eckhardt  9781629994932 Charisma House 5/1/18
She Dreams Bible Study Tiffany Bluhm 9781501878343 Abingdon 2/5/19
Sinless Flesh Rafael Bello 9781683594062 Lexham Press 8/19/20
Successful Leaders of the Bible Katara Washington Patton 9781455538874 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 1/3/17
Summoned Megan Brown 9780802421692 Moody Publishers 5/1/21
Surprised by the Parables Michelle Lee-Barnewall 9781683593003 Lexham Press 1/22/20
Surrendered Bible Study Barbara Roose 9781501896286 Abingdon 4/7/20
Teologia Liberadora Justo L. González 9789871355570 Abingdon 2/4/20
The Anatomy of God Dr. Kenneth Ulmer 9780883687116 Whitaker House 12/15/01
The Bible Year Devotional  Magrey deVega 9781791023416 Abingdon Press 10/19/21
The Crimson Thread of the Bible Joshua McClure 9781935265917 Deep River Books 2/2/12
The Genealogical Adam and Eve S. Joshua Swamidass 9780830852635 InterVarsity Press 12/10/19
The Genealogical Adam and Eve S. Joshua Swamidass 9780830852635 InterVarsity Press 12/10/19
The Glory of God Guillermo Maldonado 9781603745642 Whitaker House 12/5/12
The Good Samaritan Emerson B. Powery 9781540960665 Baker Academic (Baker Publishing Group) 11/16/21
The Gospel of Matthew Curtis Mitch and Edward Sri 9780801036026 Baker Publishing Group 11/1/10
The Holy Trinity in the Life of the Church Khaled Anatolios, ed. 9780801048975 Baker Publishing Group 10/31/14
The Kingdom of Power Bible Study Guillermo Maldonado 9781603748858 Whitaker House 5/1/13
The Marks of Scripture Daniel Castelo and Robert W. Wall 9780801049552 Baker Publishing Group 2/1/19
The Messianic Vision of the Pentateuch Kevin S. Chen 9780830852642 InterVarsity Press 12/3/19
The Messianic Vision of the Pentateuch Kevin S. Chen 9780830852642 InterVarsity Press 12/3/19
The New Testament Commentary Guide Nijay Gupta 9781683594178 Lexham Press 10/7/20
The Official Bible Brilliant Trivia Book Timothy E. Parker 9780800727062 Baker Publishing Group 8/16/16
The Physical Death and Resurrection Jose Norberto 9781940269146 Deep River Books 7/31/14
The Political Disciple Vincent E. Bacote 9780310516071 Zondervan 5/5/15
The Prophet's Dictionary Paula A. Price, Ph.D. 9781603740357 Whitaker House 11/30/07
The Prophet's Dictionary Paula A. Price, Ph.D. 9780883689998 Whitaker House 4/7/06
The Prophet's Handbook Paula A. Price, Ph.D. 9781603740197 Whitaker House 6/2/08
The Psalm 112 Promise John Eckhardt  9781629994741 Charisma House 4/3/18
The State of New Testament Studies Scot McKnight and Nijay K. Gupta, eds. 9780801098796 Baker Publishing Group 10/3/19
The Third Person of the Trinity contributors: Daniel Hill, Leon Harris, Esther Acolatse 9780310106913 Zondervan 12/1/20
The Tony Evans Bible Commentary Tony Evans 9780805499421 B&H Publishing Group 10/1/19
The Trinity in Asian Perspective Jung Young Lee 9780687426379 Abingdon 1/1/96
The Truth About Angels Tony Evans 9780802414328 Moody Publishers 3/1/16
The Way Home Tessa Afshar 9780802419835 Moody Publishers 6/1/20
The Way Home Tessa Afshar 9780802419835 Moody Publishers 6/1/20
The Wounded Heart of God Andrew Sung Park 9780687385362 Abingdon 2/1/93
Theology You Can Count On Tony Evans 9780802466532 Moody Publishers 7/1/08
This I Know for Sure Bible Study Babbie Mason 9781426772450 Abingdon 9/13/13
Three Months with Matthew Justo L. González 9780687094554 Abingdon 3/1/02
Three Months with Paul Justo L. González 9780687495399 Abingdon 8/1/06
Three Months with Revelation Justo L. González 9780687088683 Abingdon 3/1/04
Tony Evans' Book of Illustrations Tony Evans 9780802485786 Moody Publishers 1/1/09
Transformation David A. deSilva 9781577995852 Lexham Press 9/18/14
Ultimate Bible Trivia Timothy E. Parker 9780800736743 Baker Publishing Group 10/15/19
Until Unity Study Guide Francis Chan 9780830782833 David C Cook 7/1/21
Urban Apologetics Eric Mason 9780310100942 Zondervan 4/6/21
Urban Apologetics Eric Mason 9780310100942 Zondervan 4/6/21
What Happened in the Garden Abner Chou 9780825442094 Kregel Publications 4/27/16
When Christ Lives in Us Justo L. Gonzalez 9781501899744 Abingdon Press 6/25/20
Whole and Reconciled Al Tizon 9780801095627 Baker Publishing Group 8/28/18
Why Believe in Jesus? Guillermo Maldonado 9781629113104 Whitaker House 2/1/15
World Religions, 2nd Edition Thomas A. Robinson and Hillary P. Rodrigues 9780801049712 Baker Publishing Group 10/30/14
You Are My People Hyun Chul Paul Kim and Louis Stulman 9780687465651 Abingdon 10/1/10