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ECPA has compiled this list of Christian Books by Authors of Color in several categories. They are listed in alphabetical order by title, and represent a variety of works. This is not a comprehensive list and ECPA will continue to post additional resources to this site.

Children's books by authors of color
Title Author ISBN Publisher Pub date
Amber's Song Kaitlyn, Olivia, and Camryn Pitts with Janel Rodriguez 9780310769637 Zonderkidz 4/6/2021
Ansley's Big Bake Off Kaitlyn, Olivia, and Camryn Pitts with Janel Rodriguez 9780310769606 Zonderkidz 4/7/2020
Arcade and the Dazzling Truth Detector Rashad Jennings 9780310767442 Zonderkidz 9/1/2020
Arcade and the Fiery metal Tester Rashad Jennings 9780310767459 Zonderkidz 2/11/2020
Arcade and the Golden Travel Guide Rashad Jennings 9780310767435 Zonderkidz 9/10/2019
Arcade and the Triple T Token Rashad Jennings 9780310767411 Zonderkidz 1/29/2019
Ashton's Dancing Dreams Kaitlyn, Olivia, and Camryn Pitts with Janel Rodriguez 9780310769613 Zonderkidz 10/6/2020
Austin Plays Fair Tony and Lauren Dungy 9780736973243 Harvest House Publishers 8/1/18
Before Your Birth Day Thalita Dol; Teresa Joyelle Krager/Illus 9781649490117 Elk Lake Publishing 6/20/20
Bold and Blessed Trinitee Stokes 9780310766421 Zonderkidz 12/4/2018
Carson Chooses Forgiveness Tony and Lauren Dungy 9780736973229 Harvest House Publishers 8/1/19
Children of God Storybook Bible Archbishop Desmond Tutu 9780310719120 Zonderkidz 8/14/2010
Clap your Hands Written by Toyomi Igus, & Illustrated by Michele Wood 9780310769477 Zonderkidz 12/31/2019
Colorfull Dorena Williamson 9781462777648 B&H Publishing Group 5/1/2018
Daddy, How Does a Sloth Give a Hug? Diane Elgin 9781649490032 Elk Lake Publishing 6/20/20
Daydreams and Movie Screens Alena Pitts with Wynter Pitts 9780310760634 Zonderkidz 9/26/17
Fairy Tale Faith Antwan Houser 9781649490186 Elk Lake Publishing 8/20/20
Gifted Hands, Kids Edition Gregg Lewis & Deborah Shaw Lewis 9780310719038 Zonderkidz 12/26/2009
God Made Me and You Shai Linne 9781948130134 New Growth Press 9/17/2018
God's Beautiful Daughter Tasha K. Douglas 9780310745945 Zonderkidz 3/3/2015
God's Very Good Idea (Tales That Tell the Truth) Trillia Newbell; illustrated by Catalina Echeverri 9781784982218 Good Book Company 9/1/17
Gracefull Dorena Williamson 9781462792849 B&H Publishing Group 2/1/2019
Hello Stars Alena Pitts with Wynter Pitts 9780310760597 Zonderkidz 4/25/2017
If in Life Rashad Jennings 9780310765967 Zonderkidz 5/8/2018
Let There Be Light Board Book Archbishop Desmond Tutu 9780310733966 Zonderkidz 12/2/2014
Let There Be Light, Hardcover Archbishop Desmond Tutu 9780310727859 Zonderkidz 1/7/2014
Little Prince, Little Prince Naomi Zacharias 9780736979467 Harvest House Publishers 9/1/20
Love Made Quina Aragon 9780736974363 Harvest House Publishers 2/1/19
Luis y Mia / Mia and Luis Mónica Reyna (co-author), Illustrated by Marce Gomez 9781501874277 Abingdon 8/21/2018
Maria Finds Courage Tony and Lauren Dungy 9780736973236 Harvest House Publishers 8/1/18
My Breakfast with Jesus Tina Cho 9780736977128 Harvest House Publishers 6/1/20
My Jesus Story Collection Archbishop Desmond Tutu 9780310769323 Zonderkidz 2/4/2020
My Name Is Tani...and I Believe in Miracles Young Readers Edition Tanitoluwa Adewumi, Craig Borlase 9781400218295 Thomas Nelson Publishers 4/14/2020
One Big Heart Linsey Davis 9780310767855 Zonderkidz 8/6/2019
Radiant: His Light, Your Life for Teen Girls and Young Women Priscilla Shirer 9781535949873 B&H Publishing Group 8/6/19
Same Kind of Different As Me for Kids Ron Hall, Denver Moore 9780718091798 Thomas Nelson Publishers 1/31/2017
Shining Night Alena Pitts with Wynter Pitts 9780310760610 Zonderkidz 5/1/2018
Tani's New Home Tanitoluwa Adewumi, Michelle Lord, Courtney Dawson 9781400218288 Thomas Nelson Publishers 11/24/2020
The Middle School Rules of Brian Urlacher Sean Jensen 9781424549795 BroadStreet Publishing 2/17/2015
The Middle School Rules of Charles Tillman Sean Jensen 9781424551019 BroadStreet Publishing 11/1/2015
The Middle School Rules of Jamaal Charles Sean Jensen 9781424553006 BroadStreet Publishing 2/1/2017
The Middle School Rules of Skylar Diggins Sean Jensen 9781424552443 BroadStreet Publishing 7/1/2016
The Middle School Rules of Thomas Morstead Sean Jensen & Thomas Morstead 9781424559008 BroadStreet Publishing 6/2/2020
The Middle School Rules of Vontae Davis Sean Jensen 9781424555871 BroadStreet Publishing 11/5/2019
The Prince Warriors Priscilla Shirer 9781433690198 B&H Publishing Group 4/27/16
The Prince Warriors and the Swords of Rhema Priscilla Shirer 9781433690211 B&H Publishing Group 2/1/17
The Prince Warriors and the Unseen Invasion Priscilla Shirer 9781433690204 B&H Publishing Group 10/15/16
The Winter War Priscilla Shirer 9781462796755 B&H Publishing Group 8/15/18
The World is Awake Linsey Davis 9780310762034 Zonderkidz 2/6/2019
Thoughtfull Dorena Williamson 9781462794744 B&H Publishing Group 8/15/2018
We Chose You Tony and Lauren Dungy 9780736973250 Harvest House Publishers 4/2/19

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