Notable Christian Books by Topic

ECPA compiled this list in 2020 from member submissions. This is not a comprehensive list.

Christian Living books by authors of color
Title Author ISBN Publisher Pub date
10 Prayer Secrets Hakeem Collins 9780800799717 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 6/30/20
101 Prophetic Ways God Speaks Hakeem Collins 9780768450668 Destiny Image 11/1/19
40 Day Soul Fast Dr Cindy Trimm 9780768440263 Destiny Image 12/1/11
A Beautiful Disaster Marlena Graves 9781587433412 Baker Publishing Group 6/2/14
A Cross-Shaped Gospel Bryan Loritts 9780802400659 Moody Publishers 10/1/11
A Divine Revelation of Deliverance Mary K. Baxter 9780883687543 Whitaker House 12/6/07
A Divine Revelation of Healing Mary K. Baxter 9781603741170 Whitaker House 9/3/09
A Divine Revelation of Prayer Mary K. Baxter 9781603740500 Whitaker House 6/19/08
A Greater Story Sam Collier 9781540901071 Baker Publishing Group 8/4/20
A Holy Pursuit Dianne Jago 9781535962353 B&H Publishing Group 3/7/20
A Manifesto Harry R. Jackson Jr. 9781641235662 Whitaker House 8/18/20
A Whole New You Tony Evans 9781601424068 Multnomah 8/15/06
Abba Matthew L Stevenson III 9781629991818 Charisma House 9/5/17
Abuelita Faith Kat Armas 9781587435089 Brazos Press (Baker Publishing Group) 8/10/21
Activating the Gifts of the Holy Spirit David Ireland 9780883684849 Whitaker House 10/1/97
Activating the Power of the Cross Tony Evans 9780802407221 Moody Publishers 1/1/13
Advocates Dhati Lewis; narrated by Mirron Willis 9781545912164 ChristianAudio 7/16/19
Aliens in the Promised Land Anthony Bradley (Editor) 9781596382343 P&R Publishing 5/6/13
America: Turning a Nation to God Tony Evans 9780802412676 Moody Publishers 1/1/15
American Dream 2.0 Frank Thomas 9781426753909 Abingdon 8/1/12
And We Are Changed Priscilla Shirer 9780802433114 Moody Publishers 7/1/03
Angels Ed Rocha 9780800798154 Baker Publishing Group 2/28/17
Annointed for Business Ed Silvoso 9780800797140 Baker Publishing Group 9/1/09
Any Way You Slice It Ricardo Richardson 9781937756420 Deep River Books 2/26/15
Are You Jesus? Joshua McClure 9781632694874 Deep River Books 9/18/18
Awake Anjuli Paschall 9780764238529 Bethany House (Baker Publishing Group) 4/5/22
Awaken Priscilla Shirer 9781462776344 B&H Publishing Group 8/1/17
Balance Touré Roberts 9780310359814 Zondervan TBD
Balance Touré Roberts  9780310359814 Zondervan 2/1/22
Bamboozled by Jesus Yvonne Orji  9781546012672 Worthy Books, a division of Hachette Book Group 5/25/21
Battle Cry Jason Wilson  9781400226993 Thomas Nelson 9/21/21
Battle for the Mind, Expanded Edition Noel Jones 9780768441406 Destiny Image 6/1/12
Be Light Samuel Rodriguez 9781601428189 WaterBrook 2/21/17
Be the Bridge Latasha Morrison 9780525652885 WaterBrook 10/15/19
Beat God to the Punch Eric Mason 9781433684500 B&H Publishing Group 9/15/14
Beautifully Distinct Trillia Newbell 9781784985219 Good Book Company 6/1/20
Beauty in the Desert Eddie Broussard 9781617471582 NavPress 7/6/05
Becoming All Things Michelle Reyes 9780310108917 Zondervan 4/27/21
Becoming Brave Brenda Salter McNeil 9781587434471 Baker Publishing Group 8/18/20
Becoming One Family Steve & Donna Houpe 9781577949305 Harrison House 2/16/09
Beholding and Becoming Ruth Chou Simons 9780736974929 Harvest House Publishers 9/1/19
Beholding and Becoming: A Guided Companion Ruth Chou Simons 9780736979207 Harvest House Publishers 9/1/19
Beyond Charity John M. Perkins 9780801071225 Baker Publishing Group 7/1/93
Beyond Colorblind Sarah Shin 9780830845156 InterVarsity Press 9/14/17
Beyond Racial Gridlock George Yancey 9780830833764 InterVarsity Press 2/10/06
Beyond the Storm Debra B. Morton 9781400208333 Thomas Nelson 3/5/19
Black and Reformed Anthony J. Carter 9781629952307 P&R Publishing 1/29/16
Blessed Broken Given Glenn Packiam 9780525650751 Multnomah 8/6/19
Blessed Life Kim Fields 9781478947547 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 11/14/17
Blessed Mode Kel Mitchell 9781400229185 Thomas Nelson 12/14/21
Blindsided by God Peter Chin 9781441265081 Baker Publishing Group 2/3/15
Blood Brothers Elias Chacour 9780801015731 Baker Publishing Group 5/1/13
Blood Work Anthony Carter 9781642892130 Reformation Trust Publishing 11/14/19
Born To Prophesy  Hakeem Collins 9781621364047 Charisma House 10/31/13
Breakthrough Prayer Guillermo Maldonado 9781641231619 Whitaker House 10/2/18
Called to Reconciliation Jonathan C. Augustine 9781540965035 Baker Academic (Baker Publishing Group) 3/29/22
Cartas a La Iglesia Francis Chan 9780830776559 David C Cook 10/1/18
Centered Jason Brown 9780593193358 WaterBrook 2/9/21
Change Has Changed  Samuel Chand  9781641237192 Whitaker House 10/19/21
Children of God Storybook Bible Archbishop Desmond Tutu 9780310719120 Zondervan 8/14/10
Choosing Community Christine A. Colón 9780830853748 InterVarsity Press 10/15/19
Chosen Michelle McClain-Walters  9781629996530 Charisma House 9/3/19
Christian Political Witness Edited by George Kalantzis and Gregory W. Lee 9780830840519 InterVarsity Press 2/28/14
Church Clothes  Matthew L. Stevenson III  9781629997087 Charisma House 5/21/19
Church Forsaken Jonathan Brooks 9780830845552 InterVarsity Press 11/6/18
Close Encounters of the Divine Kind  Che Ahn  9781599790725 Charisma House 7/26/07
Colliding with Destiny Sarah Jakes 9780764217999 Baker Publishing Group 6/21/16
Combat Prayers to Crush the Enemy John Ramirez 9780800761967 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 5/4/21
Commanding Your Morning Cindy Trimm 9781599791777 Charisma House 8/29/07
Compassion (&) Conviction Justin Giboney and Chris Butler 9780830848102 InterVarsity Press 7/21/20
Conquer Your Deliverance John Ramirez 9780800761844 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 10/12/21
Courageous Faith Debbye Turner Bell 9781640700222 Our Daily Bread 8/24/21
Crazy Faith Michael Todd 9780593239193 WaterBrook 9/21/21
Crazy Happy Daniel Fusco 9780593192665 WaterBrook 10/13/20
Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God Francis Chan 9781434705945 David C Cook 4/1/13
Created for Influence William L. Ford, III 9780800795887 Baker Publishing Group 7/15/14
Crushing Bishop T.D. Jakes 9781455595372 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 4/16/19
Cry Like a Man Jason Wilson 9870830775941 David C Cook 1/21/19
CU Unstoppable Passion  Alberto Mottesi and Pablo Garduño Silva 9781404116771 Vida 8/11/21
Culture Care Makoto Fujimura 9780830845033 InterVarsity Press 1/14/17
Daddy Loves His Girls  T.D. Jakes 9781616384883 Charisma House 10/4/11
Daring to Live Sheri Hunter 9780801094095 Baker Publishing Group 2/18/20
Dear God Bunmi Laditan 9780310359166 Zondervan 1/26/21
Desired by God Van Moody 9780718077570 Thomas Nelson Publishers 8/14/18
Desired by God Van Moody 9780718077570 Thomas Nelson 8/14/18
Destined to Reign, Anniversary Edition Joseph Prince 9781680314526 Harrison House 4/1/20
Destiny Bishop T.D. Jakes 9781455553945 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 8/4/15
Destroying Fear John Ramirez 9780800799472 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 10/1/19
Detours Tony Evans 9781433686597 B&H Publishing Group 1/1/17
Dios es tu defensor Rosie Rivera 9781400223091 Grupo 5/12/21
Discerning Ethics Edited by Hak Joon Lee and Tim Dearborn 9780830852727 InterVarsity Press 2/24/20
Discerning the Voice of God Priscilla Shirer 9780802450128 Moody Publishers 1/1/12
Discipled by Jesus Robert Gelinas 9781631468285 NavPress 6/5/18
Discover Joy in Work Shundrawn A. Thomas 9780830845743 InterVarsity Press 9/10/19
Disunity in Christ Christena Cleveland 9780830844036 InterVarsity Press 11/3/13
Divine Disruption Tony Evans  9780785241140 Thomas Nelson 11/9/21
Do All Lives Matter? Wayne Gordon & John M. Perkins 9780801075339 Baker Publishing Group 2/14/17
Do Something Beautiful York Moore 9780802417121 Moody Publishers 7/1/18
Do Your Children Believe? Terence Chatmon  9780718078263 Thomas Nelson 2/7/17
Don't Drop the Mic Bishop T.D. Jakes 9781455595358 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 4/20/21
Don't Settle for Safe Sarah Jakes Roberts 9780718096359 Thomas Nelson 4/17/18
Dream with Me John M. Perkins 9780801075865 Baker Publishing Group 3/20/18
Dream With Me: Race, Love, and the Struggle We Must Win John M. Perkins; narrated by Calvin Robinson 9781621886549 ChristianAudio / Oasis Audio 1/31/17
Drop the Stones Carlos Rodriguez 9781629119083 Whitaker House 9/19/17
Dry Bones Dancing Tony Evans 9781601424419 Multnomah 12/22/04
Educating All God's Children Nicole Baker Fulgham 9781587433276 Baker Publishing Group 3/6/13
Ekklesia Ed Silvoso 9780800798567 Baker Publishing Group 12/5/17
Ekklesia Curriculum Kit Ed Silvoso 9780800761745 Baker Publishing Group 5/2/17
El infierno Anthony DeStefano 9781400228805 Grupo 4/7/21
Embrace Leroy Barber 9780830844715 InterVarsity Press 8/9/16
Embrace Your Life Elizabeth Woodson 9781087747101 B&H Pubiishing Group 3/22/22
Embraced by God Babbie Mason 9781426741340 Abingdon 2/1/12
Embracing the New Samaria Alejandro Mandes 9781641584340 NavPress 9/7/21
Emergency Prayers Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736922463 Harvest House Publishers 3/1/08
En medio de la oscuridad, ¡Resplandecerás! Christy Muller 9780829771480 Vida 3/16/22
Enjoy Trillia Newbell 9781601428523 Multnomah 12/20/16
Enter Wild Carlos Whittaker 9780525654001 WaterBrook 6/16/20
Even If Mitchel Lee 9780593192528 Multnomah 8/17/21
Every Little Thing Deidra Riggs 9780801018428 Baker Publishing Group 10/6/15
Every Reason to Praise Sonya McNair 9781424553846 BroadStreet Publishing 3/1/17
Every Waking Hour Walter R. Strickland and Benjamin Quinn 9781577996781 Lexham Press 4/6/16
Everything Happens for a Reason Keith Butler 9781606839928 Harrison House 2/3/15
Experiencing God Together Tony Evans 9780736977463 Harvest House Publishers 2/1/20
Experiencing Israel Tony Evans 9780736975667 Harvest House Publishers 3/1/20
Eyes Fixed T.C. Stallings 9781424560479 BroadStreet Publishing 6/9/21
Faith Yonggi Cho & Wayde Goodall 9781424554966 BroadStreet Publishing 7/1/17
Faith: Believing in the God Who Works on Your Behalf Yonggi Cho & Wayde Goodall 9781424554966 BroadStreet Publishing 7/1/17
Faith: The First Seven Lessons Eric Wilson  9780891123484 Leafwood Publishers 9/3/16
Faithing It Cora Jakes-Coleman 9780768409109 Destiny Image 4/1/17
Fasting for Breakthrough and Deliverance  John Eckhardt  9781629986463 Charisma House 12/15/15
Fault Lines Voddie Baucham 9781684511808 Salem Books 4/6/21
Favor Unleashed Henry Fernandez 9781629118826 Whitaker House 9/12/17
Fervent Priscilla Shirer 9781433688676 B&H Publishing Group 8/1/15
Finding Spiritual Whitespace Bonnie Gray 9781441245021 Baker Publishing Group 6/3/14
First in the Family Felicia Harris 9781684263615 Leafwood 9/14/21
Follow Me to Freedom John M. Perkins 9781441223791 Baker Publishing Group 6/15/09
For A Time We Cannot See Crawford Loritts 9780802455253 Moody Publishers 7/1/05
Forgive Us Sharon Harper (co-author) 9780310515968 Zondervan 9/23/14
Forgive Us Mae Elise Cannon 9780310515968 Zondervan 9/23/14
Forgotten God Francis Chan 9781434767950 David C Cook 9/1/09
Fortune Lisa Sharon Harper 9781587435270 Brazos Press (Baker Publishing Group) 2/8/22
From Hurt to Healing Andrew Sung Park 9780687038817 Abingdon 11/1/04
From Jihad to Jesus Jerry Rassamni 9780899570914 AMG Publishers 4/9/17
Gei jiàohuì de xìnjiàn: Letters to the Church Chinese Edition Francis Chan 9780830776757 David C Cook 10/1/18
Get in the Game Jonathan vEvans 9780802444066 Moody Publishers 7/1/06
Getting to Know the Holy Spirit Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda 9780800794712 Baker Publishing Group 4/1/11
Glad News! God Loves You, My Muslim Friend Samy Tanagho 9780802416582 Moody Publishers 4/1/17
Glorious Weakness Alia Joy 9780801093340 Baker Publishing Group 4/2/19
God and Race Study Guide plus Streaming Video John Siebling 9780310137948 HarperChristian Resources 7/6/21
God Has Not Forgotten about You Leslie Haskin 9781441208125 Baker Publishing Group 5/1/09
God Is Able Priscilla Shirer 9781433681912 B&H Publishing Group 10/1/13
God Is More Than Enough Tony Evans 9780307729897 Multnomah 8/16/11
God Is Stranger Krish Kandiah 9780830845323 InterVarsity Press 12/5/17
God is Up to Something Great Tony Evans 9781601423658 Multnomah 3/1/04
God of the Impossible Samuel Naaman 9780802421081 Moody Publishers 5/1/21
God on Paper Bryan C. Loritts 9781578567904 WaterBrook 1/11/05
God Still Speaks John Eckhardt  9781599794754 Charisma House 6/19/09
God's Wisdom for Sisters In Faith Michelle Clarke Jenkins 9781400322534 Thomas Nelson 4/29/13
God, Do You Hear Me? Derwin Gray 9781535995733 B&H Pubiishing Group 10/5/21
God, Do You Really Care? Tony Evans 9781601424396 Multnomah 4/3/06
Grace vs. Judgment Keith Butler 9781606839836 Harrison House 2/3/15
Gracelaced Ruth Chou Simons 9780736969048 Harvest House Publishers 9/1/17
GraceLaced Deluxe Edition Ruth Chou Simons 9780736980708 Harvest House Publishers 9/8/20
Gracelaced Seasons Ruth Chou Simons 9780736974905 Harvest House Publishers 7/1/18
He Saw That It Was Good Sho Baraka 9780593193044 WaterBrook 5/4/21
He Speaks to Me Priscilla Shirer 9780802450074 Moody Publishers 3/1/06
He Speaks, I Listen Michelle McKinney Hammond 9780736964890 Harvest House Publishers 4/1/17
Healed Without Scars David G. Evans 9780883685426 Whitaker House 8/1/03
Healing Our Broken Humanity Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Graham Hill 9780830845415 InterVarsity Press 8/28/18
Hello Tomorrow  Cindy Trimm 9781629995496 Charisma House 9/4/18
Holier than Thou Jackie Hill Perry 9781535975711 B&H Pubiishing Group 8/17/21
Holy Living: Neighboring Jorge Acevedo 9781501877605 Abingdon 8/20/19
Holy Sexuality and the Gospel Christopher Yuan 9780735290914 Multnomah 11/20/18
Home for Christmas Justin Coleman 9781501870446 Abingdon 9/1/18
Hope for the Hurting Tony Evans 9781087736990 B&H Pubiishing Group 1/11/22
How Should Christians Vote? Tony Evans 9780802404794 Moody Publishers 5/1/12
How to Be Present in an Absent World Daniel Montgomery 9780310100966 Zondervan 2/25/20
How to Fight Racism Jemar Tisby 9780310104773 Zondervan 1/5/21
How to Fight Racism Jemar Tisby 9780310105152 Zondervan 1/5/21
How to Fix a Broken Record Amena Brown 9780310349334 Zondervan 11/7/17
How to Heal Our Racial Divide Derwin L. Gray 9781496458803 Tyndale Momentum 4/5/22
How to Overcome Worry Neely Winfred 9780802415042 Moody Publishers 4/1/17
Human(Kind) Ashlee Eiland 9780525653431 WaterBrook 4/7/20
Hurting Yet Whole Liuan Huska 9780830848072 InterVarsity Press 12/8/20
I Am Restored Lecrae Moore 9780310358039 Zondervan 10/13/20
I Am Restored Study Guide plus Streaming Video Lecrae Moore 9780310133865 HarperChristian Resources 6/1/21
I Am Restored Study Guide with DVD Lecrae Moore 9780310133896 HarperChristian Resources 6/15/21
I Am Restored Video Study Lecrae Moore  9780310133889 HarperChristian Resources 6/1/21
I Am Zion  John Eckhardt  9781629996219 Charisma House 1/7/20
I See You Terence Lester 9780830845729 InterVarsity Press 8/13/19
I Stand with Christ Zhang Rongliang 9781629113371 Whitaker House 7/1/15
I Take My Coffee Black Tyler Merritt 9781546029410 Worthy Books, a division of Hachette Book Group 9/14/21
Identity T D Jakes 9780768408089 Destiny Image 8/1/15
iGod Josie Carr 9781577948858 Harrison House 4/18/08
Instinct Bishop T.D. Jakes 9781455554058 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 5/6/14
Intensional: Kingdom Ethnicity in a Divided World D. A. Horton 9781631466915 NavPress 10/22/19
Is Christianity the White Man's Religion? Antipas L. Harris 9780830845996 InterVarsity Press 5/19/20
It's Happening  William McDowell 9781629995007 Charisma House 4/17/18
It's Not Over  Ricardo Sanchez  9781616388331 Charisma House 9/4/12
It's Not Your Turn Heather Thompson Day 9780830847761 InterVarsity Press 6/29/21
Jesus Wayne Cordeiro 9781441270825 Baker Publishing Group 10/1/12
Joseph and the Gosepl of Many Colors Voddie Baucham 9781433553731 Crossway 10/31/13
Just Pray  John F. Hannah 9781629999531 Charisma House 4/20/21
Kids Off the Block Diane Latiker with Bethany Mauger 9781540900425 Baker Publishing Group 9/1/20
Kill the Spider Carlos Whittaker 9780310338000 Zondervan 10/3/17
Killing Us Softly Efrem Smith 9781631465208 NavPress 2/1/17
Kingdom Agenda Tony Evans 9780802410610 Moody Publishers 8/1/13
Kingdom Heroes Tony Evans 9780736976619 Harvest House Publishers 9/7/21
Kingdom Heroes DVD Tony Evans 9780736984072 Harvest House Publishers 9/7/21
Kingdom Heroes Workbook Tony Evans 9780736984089 Harvest House Publishers 9/7/21
Kingdom Men Rising Tony Evans  9780764237058 Bethany House (Baker Publishing Group) 4/6/21
La vida, la muerte y el más allá a través de la Biblia Alfonso Pérez Ranchal  9788418204814 Clie 1/26/22
Las trampas del miedo Daniel Habif 9781400222810 Grupo 9/15/21
Law of Confession Dr. Bill Winston 9781606834084 Harrison House 1/3/12
Leadership by the Good Book David Steward 9781546013273 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 5/12/20
Let Justice Roll Down John M. Perkins 9780801018152 Baker Publishing Group 4/27/12
Let Justice Roll Down John M. Perkins; narrated by Calvin Robinson 9781621886716 ChristianAudio / Oasis Audio 1/31/17
Let the World See You Sam Acho 9781400220274 Thomas Nelson Publishers 10/13/20
Let the World See You Sam Acho 9781400220274 Thomas Nelson 10/13/20
Let the World See You Sam Acho 9781400220472 Thomas Nelson 1/11/22
Letters to a Birmingham Jail Bryan Loritts 9780802411969 Moody Publishers 4/1/14
Letters to the Church Francis Chan 9780830776580 David C Cook 9/1/18
Letters to the Church Study Guide Francis Chan 9780830775828 David C Cook 9/1/18
Limitless Life Derwin L. Gray 9781400205363 Thomas Nelson 9/10/13
Living in Financial Victory Tony Evans 9780802407238 Moody Publishers 1/1/13
Loose That Man and Let Him Go! T.D. Jakes 9780764228162 Baker Publishing Group 5/1/03
Love Is an Inside Job Romal Tune 9781478992608 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 4/3/18
Love Them Anyway  Choco DeJesus 9781629997155 Charisma House 6/1/21
Made for Glory Joshua McClure 9781632694263 Deep River Books 11/3/16
Magnificent Obsession  Brian Kim  9781621365631 Charisma House 5/13/15
Make Your Voice Heard in Heaven Barry Black 9781496429490 Tyndale House Publishers 1/9/18
Make Your Voice Heard in Heaven Barry Black 9781496429490 Tyndale House Publishers 1/9/18
Many Colors Soong-Chan Rah 9780802450487 Moody Publishers 9/1/10
Marriage Ain't for Punks Calvin Roberson 9781546015697 Worthy Books, a division of Hachette Book Group 9/7/21
Mixed Blessing Chandra Crane 9780830848058 InterVarsity Press 12/15/20
Moderation is Key Oghomwen (Owen) Jones 9781637460269 Kharis Publishing 3/26/21
More of Him George Bloomer 9781603745017 Whitaker House 1/1/12
Mothers Are Leaders Kimberly Vattle-Walters Denu and Janet S. Walters 9780891125808 ACU Press 5/1/15
Move into More Wilfredo de Jesús 9780310349921 Zondervan 4/24/18
My People, My People, My God Rev. Donald Marbury 9781946277244 Kharis Publishing 9/19/18
Never Alone Tiffany Bluhm 9781501848636 Abingdon 2/6/18
Next Adonis Lenzy 9781424551057 BroadStreet Publishing 12/1/15
Next Adonis Lenzy 9781424551057 BroadStreet Publishing 12/1/15
No Flesh Shall Glory C. Herbert Oliver 9781629959016 P&R Publishing 2/3/21
No More Excuses Tony Evans 9781433556593 Crossway 7/31/17
No Turning Back Rashawn Copeland 9781540900128 Baker Publishing Group 3/15/22
Not Forsaken  Chris McNair 9781791000004 Abingdon 2/16/21
Not So Black and White Reggie Dabbs 9780310363408 Zondervan 10/12/21
Nothing to Fear Barry Black 9781496421081 Tyndale House Publishers 2/7/17
Now Waiting Sarah Johnson  9781684263400 Leafwood Publishers 3/3/20
On Broken Pieces Joshua McClure 9781632694591 Deep River Books 9/5/17
On Holy Ground Joshua McClure 9781632694799 Deep River Books 11/16/17
One Deidra Riggs 9780801018435 Baker Publishing Group 4/4/17
One Family Under God Tony Evans 9780802411419 Moody Publishers 10/1/13
One Holy Fire Nicky Cruz 9781578566525 WaterBrook 1/21/03
One in Christ David D. Ireland 9781621576914 Salem Books 3/26/18
One Life Under God Tony Evans 9780802411860 Moody Publishers 8/1/14
One Vote Benjamin Carson 9781496406323 Tyndale House Publishers 11/1/14
Ordinary People Extraordinary Power  John Eckhardt  9781616381660 Charisma House 10/21/10
Overcoming Crisis Myles Munroe 9780768430523 Destiny Image 5/1/09
Overrated Eugene Cho 9780802878656 David C Cook 9/1/14
Paradox Sergio De La Mora 9781629119373 Whitaker House 10/10/17
Passing the Tests of Life George Davis 9781616386139 Charisma House 6/5/12
Pathways Tony Evans 9781433686603 B&H Publishing Group 1/15/19
Plantation Jesus Skot Welch & Rick Wilson 9781513803302 Herald Press 5/22/18
Pond, River, Ocean, Rain Charles Lattimore Howard 9781501831034 Abingdon 2/15/17
Pray Out Loud   Kimberley Daniels  9781629997629 Charisma House 11/16/21
Prayer That Brings Revival David Yonggi Cho 9780884195801 Charisma House 10/19/98
Prayer: Key to Revival Yonggi Cho & Wayde Goodall 9781424558629 BroadStreet Publishing 7/2/19
Prayer: Key to Revival Yonggi Cho & Wayde Goodall 9781424558629 BroadStreet Publishing 7/2/19
Praying Through the Names of God Tony Evans 9780736960519 Harvest House Publishers 8/1/14
Praying Through the Names of Jesus Tony Evans 9780736975308 Harvest House Publishers 10/1/19
Prevail  Dr Cindy Trimm 9780768409079 Destiny Image 11/1/16
Prodigal Heart  Christine M. DeClario 9781629991726 Charisma House 9/5/17
Prophet, Arise  John Eckhardt  9781629986388 Charisma House 7/7/15
Prophetic Activation  John Eckhardt  9781629987095 Charisma House 6/7/16
Prophetic Lament Soong-Chan Rah 9780830836949 InterVarsity Press 9/3/15
Provided Cornelius Quek 9781641230032 Whitaker House 3/13/18
Race and Place David P. Leong 9780830841349 InterVarsity Press 1/7/17
Radical Prayer Manny Mill 9780802413468 Moody Publishers 10/1/15
Raise Your Voice Kathy Khang 9780830845408 InterVarsity Press 7/31/18
Re-Present Jesus  Dharius Daniels  9781621365853 Charisma House 10/7/14
Rebranding Worship Wayne Huirua 9781629115559 Whitaker House 7/9/15
Redefined Kenneth Ortiz 9780891124993 Leafwood Publishers 4/1/14
Rediscovering the Kingdom Expanded Edition Myles Munroe 9780768432114 Destiny Image 4/1/10
Refractions Makoto Fujimura 9781600063015 NavPress 2/15/09
Reinvent Your Life Alvin Slaughter 9781599796086 Charisma House 3/24/10
Relational Intelligence Dharius Daniels 9780310357827 Zondervan 1/28/20
Reparations Duke L. Kwon and Gregory Thompson 9781587434501 Baker Publishing Group 2/16/21
Repurposed Noe Garcia 9781087740492 B&H Pubiishing Group 10/19/21
Restless Devices Felicia Wu Song 9780830851133 InterVarsity Press 11/30/21
Restoration House Kennesha Buycks 9780310092063 Zondervan 4/30/19
Rethinking Incarceration Dominique DuBois Gilliard 9780830845293 InterVarsity Press 2/6/18
Reviving the American Spirit  Keith Butler  9781591859635 Charisma House 1/9/06
Right Color, Wrong Culture Bryan Loritts 9780802411730 Moody Publishers 9/1/14
Rise Trip Lee 9780529120991 Thomas Nelson 2/3/15
Roadmap to Reconciliation 2.0 Brenda Salter McNeil 9780830848126 InterVarsity Press 6/16/20
Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past  Cindy Trimm  9781621362333 Charisma House 5/6/14
Running After God Josie Carr 9781680310399 Harrison House 11/10/15
Sacred Endurance Trillia Newbell 9780830845781 InterVarsity Press 11/12/19
Sacred Rest Saundra Dalton-Smith 9781478921677 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 12/19/17
Say Goodbye to Powerless Christianity Che H. Ahn 9780768431131 Destiny Image 8/1/09
Say Yes When Life Says No DeForest B. Soaries Jr. 9780830777310 David C Cook 7/1/19
Screen Kids Arlene Pellicane 9780802422200 Moody Publishers 10/1/20
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Nabeel Qureshi 9780310092643 Zondervan 8/21/18
Seen. Known. Loved. York Moore 9780802419903 Moody Publishers 7/1/20
Sense and Sensuality Ravi Zacharias 9781590528600 Multnomah 6/1/06
Servants for His Glory Miguel Nunez 9781087741888 B&H Pubiishing Group 6/15/21
Set Apart Denisse Copeland 9781540901026 Baker Publishing Group 8/24/21
Set Free to Live Free Saundra Dalton-Smith 9781441232588 Baker Publishing Group 5/1/11
Shake Free Samuel Rodriguez 9781601428219 WaterBrook 4/23/19
Sharing Your Faith with a Hindu Madasamy Thirumalai 9780764226328 Baker Publishing Group 8/1/02
Sharing Your Faith with a Muslim Abdiyah Akbar Abdul-Haqq 9781441211569 Baker Publishing Group 8/1/80
She Dreams  Tiffany Bluhm 9781501878329 Abingdon 2/5/19
She's Still There Chrystal Evans Hurst  9780310347811 Zondervan 8/8/17
She's Still There Study Guide Chrystal Evans Hurst  9780310081739 HarperChristian Resources 8/8/17
She's Still There Study Guide with DVD Chrystal Evans Hurst  9780310081791 HarperChristian Resources 8/22/17
She's Still There Video Study Chrystal Evans Hurst  9780310081784 HarperChristian Resources 8/8/17
Shunpiking: No Shortcuts to God Reno Omokri 9781937756895 Deep River Books 9/5/13
So You Call Yourself a Man? T.D. Jakes 9780764204517 Baker Publishing Group 10/1/07
Soar! Bishop T.D. Jakes 9781455553914 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 10/10/17
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