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Christian Books on Racial Justice | Christian Books by Authors of Color
ECPA has compiled this list of Christian Books by Authors of Color in several categories. They are listed in alphabetical order by title, and represent a variety of works. This is not a comprehensive list and ECPA will continue to post additional resources to this site.

Christian Living books by authors of color
Title Author ISBN Publisher Pub date
10 Prayer Secrets Hakeem Collins 9780800799717 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 6/30/2020
101 Prophetic Ways God Speaks Hakeem Collins 9780768450668 Destiny Image 11/1/2019
40 Day Soul Fast Dr Cindy Trimm 9780768440263 Destiny Image 12/1/2011
A Beautiful Disaster Marlena Graves 9781587433412 Baker Publishing Group 6/2/2014
A Cross-Shaped Gospel Bryan Loritts 9780802400659 Moody Publishers 10/1/2011
A Divine Revelation of Deliverance Mary K. Baxter 9780883687543 Whitaker House 12/6/2007
A Divine Revelation of Healing Mary K. Baxter 9781603741170 Whitaker House 9/3/2009
A Divine Revelation of Prayer Mary K. Baxter 9781603740500 Whitaker House 6/19/2008
A Greater Story Sam Collier 9781540901071 Baker Publishing Group 8/4/2020
A Holy Pursuit Dianne Jago 9781535962353 B&H Publishing Group 3/7/2020
A Manifesto Harry R. Jackson Jr. 9781641235662 Whitaker House 8/18/2020
A Whole New You Tony Evans 9781601424068 Multnomah 8/15/2006
Abba Matthew L Stevenson III 9781629991818 Charisma House 9/5/2017
Abuelita Faith Kat Armas 9781587435089 Brazos Press (Baker Publishing Group) 8/10/2021
Activating the Gifts of the Holy Spirit David Ireland 9780883684849 Whitaker House 10/1/1997
Activating the Power of the Cross Tony Evans 9780802407221 Moody Publishers 1/1/2013
Advocates Dhati Lewis; narrated by Mirron Willis 9781545912164 ChristianAudio 7/16/2019
Aliens in the Promised Land Anthony Bradley (Editor) 9781596382343 P&R Publishing 5/6/2013
America: Turning a Nation to God Tony Evans 9780802412676 Moody Publishers 1/1/2015
American Dream 2.0 Frank Thomas 9781426753909 Abingdon 8/1/2012
And We Are Changed Priscilla Shirer 9780802433114 Moody Publishers 7/1/2003
Angels Ed Rocha 9780800798154 Baker Publishing Group 2/28/2017
Annointed for Business Ed Silvoso 9780800797140 Baker Publishing Group 9/1/2009
Any Way You Slice It Ricardo Richardson 9781937756420 Deep River Books 2/26/2015
Are You Jesus? Joshua McClure 9781632694874 Deep River Books 9/18/2018
Awake Anjuli Paschall 9780764238529 Bethany House (Baker Publishing Group) 4/5/2022
Awaken Priscilla Shirer 9781462776344 B&H Publishing Group 8/1/2017
Balance Touré Roberts 9780310359814 Zondervan TBD
Balance Touré Roberts 9780310359814 Zondervan 2/1/2022
Bamboozled by Jesus Yvonne Orji 9781546012672 Worthy Books, a division of Hachette Book Group 5/25/2021
Battle Cry Jason Wilson 9781400226993 Thomas Nelson 9/21/2021
Battle for the Mind, Expanded Edition Noel Jones 9780768441406 Destiny Image 6/1/2012
Be Light Samuel Rodriguez 9781601428189 WaterBrook 2/21/2017
Be the Bridge Latasha Morrison 9780525652885 WaterBrook 10/15/2019
Beat God to the Punch Eric Mason 9781433684500 B&H Publishing Group 9/15/2014
Beautifully Distinct Trillia Newbell 9781784985219 Good Book Company 6/1/2020
Beauty in the Desert Eddie Broussard 9781617471582 NavPress 7/6/1905
Becoming Brave Brenda Salter McNeil 9781587434471 Baker Publishing Group 8/18/2020
Becoming One Family Steve & Donna Houpe 9781577949305 Harrison House 2/16/2009
Beholding and Becoming Ruth Chou Simons 9780736974929 Harvest House Publishers 9/1/2019
Beholding and Becoming: A Guided Companion Ruth Chou Simons 9780736979207 Harvest House Publishers 9/1/2019
Beyond Charity John M. Perkins 9780801071225 Baker Publishing Group 7/1/1993
Beyond Colorblind Sarah Shin 9780830845156 InterVarsity Press 9/14/2017
Beyond Racial Gridlock George Yancey 9780830833764 InterVarsity Press 2/10/2006
Beyond the Storm Debra B. Morton 9781400208333 Thomas Nelson 3/5/2019
Black and Reformed Anthony J. Carter 9781629952307 P&R Publishing 1/29/2016
Blessed Broken Given Glenn Packiam 9780525650751 Multnomah 8/6/2019
Blessed Life Kim Fields 9781478947547 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 11/14/2017
Blessed Mode Kel Mitchell 9781400229185 Thomas Nelson 12/14/2021
Blindsided by God Peter Chin 9781441265081 Baker Publishing Group 2/3/2015
Blood Brothers Elias Chacour 9780801015731 Baker Publishing Group 5/1/2013
Blood Work Anthony Carter 9781642892130 Reformation Trust Publishing 11/14/2019
Born To Prophesy Hakeem Collins 9781621364047 Charisma House 10/31/2013
Breakthrough Prayer Guillermo Maldonado 9781641231619 Whitaker House 10/2/2018
Called to Reconciliation Jonathan C. Augustine 9781540965035 Baker Academic (Baker Publishing Group) 3/29/2022
Cartas a La Iglesia Francis Chan 9780830776559 David C Cook 10/1/2018
Centered Jason Brown 9780593193358 WaterBrook 2/9/2021
Change Has Changed Samuel Chand 9781641237192 Whitaker House 10/19/2021
Children of God Storybook Bible Archbishop Desmond Tutu 9780310719120 Zondervan 8/14/2010
Choosing Community Christine A. Colón 9780830853748 InterVarsity Press 10/15/2019
Chosen Michelle McClain-Walters 9781629996530 Charisma House 9/3/2019
Christian Political Witness Edited by George Kalantzis and Gregory W. Lee 9780830840519 InterVarsity Press 2/28/2014
Church Clothes Matthew L. Stevenson III 9781629997087 Charisma House 5/21/2019
Church Forsaken Jonathan Brooks 9780830845552 InterVarsity Press 11/6/2018
Close Encounters of the Divine Kind Che Ahn 9781599790725 Charisma House 7/26/2007
Colliding with Destiny Sarah Jakes 9780764217999 Baker Publishing Group 6/21/2016
Combat Prayers to Crush the Enemy John Ramirez 9780800761967 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 5/4/2021
Commanding Your Morning Cindy Trimm 9781599791777 Charisma House 8/29/2007
Compassion (&) Conviction Justin Giboney and Chris Butler 9780830848102 InterVarsity Press 7/21/2020
Conquer Your Deliverance John Ramirez 9780800761844 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 10/12/2021
Courageous Faith Debbye Turner Bell 9781640700222 Our Daily Bread 8/24/2021
Crazy Faith Michael Todd 9780593239193 WaterBrook 9/21/2021
Crazy Happy Daniel Fusco 9780593192665 WaterBrook 10/13/2020
Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God Francis Chan 9781434705945 David C Cook 4/1/2013
Created for Influence William L. Ford, III 9780800795887 Baker Publishing Group 7/15/2014
Crushing Bishop T.D. Jakes 9781455595372 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 4/16/2019
Cry Like a Man Jason Wilson 9870830775941 David C Cook 1/21/2019
CU Unstoppable Passion Alberto Mottesi and Pablo Garduño Silva 9781404116771 Vida 8/11/2021
Culture Care Makoto Fujimura 9780830845033 InterVarsity Press 1/14/2017
Daddy Loves His Girls T.D. Jakes 9781616384883 Charisma House 10/4/2011
Daring to Live Sheri Hunter 9780801094095 Baker Publishing Group 2/18/2020
Dear God Bunmi Laditan 9780310359166 Zondervan 1/26/2021
Desired by God Van Moody 9780718077570 Thomas Nelson Publishers 8/14/2018
Desired by God Van Moody 9780718077570 Thomas Nelson 8/14/2018
Destined to Reign, Anniversary Edition Joseph Prince 9781680314526 Harrison House 4/1/2020
Destiny Bishop T.D. Jakes 9781455553945 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 8/4/2015
Destroying Fear John Ramirez 9780800799472 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 10/1/2019
Detours Tony Evans 9781433686597 B&H Publishing Group 1/1/2017
Dios es tu defensor Rosie Rivera 9781400223091 Grupo 5/12/2021
Discerning Ethics Edited by Hak Joon Lee and Tim Dearborn 9780830852727 InterVarsity Press 2/24/2020
Discerning the Voice of God Priscilla Shirer 9780802450128 Moody Publishers 1/1/2012
Discipled by Jesus Robert Gelinas 9781631468285 NavPress 6/5/2018
Discover Joy in Work Shundrawn A. Thomas 9780830845743 InterVarsity Press 9/10/2019
Disunity in Christ Christena Cleveland 9780830844036 InterVarsity Press 11/3/2013
Divine Disruption Tony Evans 9780785241140 Thomas Nelson 11/9/2021
Do All Lives Matter? Wayne Gordon & John M. Perkins 9780801075339 Baker Publishing Group 2/14/2017
Do Something Beautiful York Moore 9780802417121 Moody Publishers 7/1/2018
Do Your Children Believe? Terence Chatmon 9780718078263 Thomas Nelson 2/7/2017
Don't Drop the Mic Bishop T.D. Jakes 9781455595358 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 4/20/2021
Don't Settle for Safe Sarah Jakes Roberts 9780718096359 Thomas Nelson 4/17/2018
Dream with Me John M. Perkins 9780801075865 Baker Publishing Group 3/20/2018
Dream With Me: Race, Love, and the Struggle We Must Win John M. Perkins; narrated by Calvin Robinson 9781621886549 ChristianAudio / Oasis Audio 1/31/2017
Drop the Stones Carlos Rodriguez 9781629119083 Whitaker House 9/19/2017
Dry Bones Dancing Tony Evans 9781601424419 Multnomah 12/22/2004
Educating All God's Children Nicole Baker Fulgham 9781587433276 Baker Publishing Group 3/6/2013
Ekklesia Ed Silvoso 9780800798567 Baker Publishing Group 12/5/2017
Ekklesia Curriculum Kit Ed Silvoso 9780800761745 Baker Publishing Group 5/2/2017
El infierno Anthony DeStefano 9781400228805 Grupo 4/7/2021
Embrace Leroy Barber 9780830844715 InterVarsity Press 8/9/2016
Embrace Your Life Elizabeth Woodson 9781087747101 B&H Pubiishing Group 3/22/2022
Embraced by God Babbie Mason 9781426741340 Abingdon 2/1/2012
Emergency Prayers Deborah Smith Pegues 9780736922463 Harvest House Publishers 3/1/2008
En medio de la oscuridad, ¡Resplandecerás! Christy Muller 9780829771480 Vida 3/16/2022
Enjoy Trillia Newbell 9781601428523 Multnomah 12/20/2016
Enter Wild Carlos Whittaker 9780525654001 WaterBrook 6/16/2020
Even If Mitchel Lee 9780593192528 Multnomah 8/17/2021
Every Little Thing Deidra Riggs 9780801018428 Baker Publishing Group 10/6/2015
Every Reason to Praise Sonya McNair 9781424553846 BroadStreet Publishing 3/1/2017
Every Waking Hour Walter R. Strickland and Benjamin Quinn 9781577996781 Lexham Press 4/6/2016
Everything Happens for a Reason Keith Butler 9781606839928 Harrison House 2/3/2015
Experiencing God Together Tony Evans 9780736977463 Harvest House Publishers 2/1/2020
Experiencing Israel Tony Evans 9780736975667 Harvest House Publishers 3/1/2020
Eyes Fixed T.C. Stallings 9781424560479 BroadStreet Publishing 6/9/2021
Faith Yonggi Cho & Wayde Goodall 9781424554966 BroadStreet Publishing 7/1/2017
Faith: Believing in the God Who Works on Your Behalf Yonggi Cho & Wayde Goodall 9781424554966 BroadStreet Publishing 7/1/2017
Faith: The First Seven Lessons Eric Wilson 9780891123484 Leafwood Publishers 9/3/2016
Faithing It Cora Jakes-Coleman 9780768409109 Destiny Image 4/1/2017
Fasting for Breakthrough and Deliverance John Eckhardt 9781629986463 Charisma House 12/15/2015
Fault Lines Voddie Baucham 9781684511808 Salem Books 4/6/2021
Favor Unleashed Henry Fernandez 9781629118826 Whitaker House 9/12/2017
Fervent Priscilla Shirer 9781433688676 B&H Publishing Group 8/1/2015
Finding Spiritual Whitespace Bonnie Gray 9781441245021 Baker Publishing Group 6/3/2014
First in the Family Felicia Harris 9781684263615 Leafwood 9/14/2021
Follow Me to Freedom John M. Perkins 9781441223791 Baker Publishing Group 6/15/2009
For A Time We Cannot See Crawford Loritts 9780802455253 Moody Publishers 7/1/2005
Forgive Us Sharon Harper (co-author) 9780310515968 Zondervan 9/23/2014
Forgive Us Mae Elise Cannon 9780310515968 Zondervan 9/23/2014
Forgotten God Francis Chan 9781434767950 David C Cook 9/1/2009
Fortune Lisa Sharon Harper 9781587435270 Brazos Press (Baker Publishing Group) 2/8/2022
From Hurt to Healing Andrew Sung Park 9780687038817 Abingdon 11/1/2004
From Jihad to Jesus Jerry Rassamni 9780899570914 AMG Publishers 4/9/2017
Gei jiàohuì de xìnjiàn: Letters to the Church Chinese Edition Francis Chan 9780830776757 David C Cook 10/1/2018
Get in the Game Jonathan vEvans 9780802444066 Moody Publishers 7/1/2006
Getting to Know the Holy Spirit Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda 9780800794712 Baker Publishing Group 4/1/2011
Glad News! God Loves You, My Muslim Friend Samy Tanagho 9780802416582 Moody Publishers 4/1/2017
Glorious Weakness Alia Joy 9780801093340 Baker Publishing Group 4/2/2019
God and Race Study Guide plus Streaming Video John Siebling 9780310137948 HarperChristian Resources 7/6/2021
God Has Not Forgotten about You Leslie Haskin 9781441208125 Baker Publishing Group 5/1/2009
God Is Able Priscilla Shirer 9781433681912 B&H Publishing Group 10/1/2013
God Is More Than Enough Tony Evans 9780307729897 Multnomah 8/16/2011
God Is Stranger Krish Kandiah 9780830845323 InterVarsity Press 12/5/2017
God is Up to Something Great Tony Evans 9781601423658 Multnomah 3/1/2004
God of the Impossible Samuel Naaman 9780802421081 Moody Publishers 5/1/2021
God on Paper Bryan C. Loritts 9781578567904 WaterBrook 1/11/2005
God Still Speaks John Eckhardt 9781599794754 Charisma House 6/19/2009
God, Do You Hear Me? Derwin Gray 9781535995733 B&H Pubiishing Group 10/5/2021
God, Do You Really Care? Tony Evans 9781601424396 Multnomah 4/3/2006
God's Wisdom for Sisters In Faith Michelle Clarke Jenkins 9781400322534 Thomas Nelson 4/29/2013
Grace vs. Judgment Keith Butler 9781606839836 Harrison House 2/3/2015
Gracelaced Ruth Chou Simons 9780736969048 Harvest House Publishers 9/1/2017
GraceLaced Deluxe Edition Ruth Chou Simons 9780736980708 Harvest House Publishers 9/8/2020
Gracelaced Seasons Ruth Chou Simons 9780736974905 Harvest House Publishers 7/1/2018
He Saw That It Was Good Sho Baraka 9780593193044 WaterBrook 5/4/2021
He Speaks to Me Priscilla Shirer 9780802450074 Moody Publishers 3/1/2006
He Speaks, I Listen Michelle McKinney Hammond 9780736964890 Harvest House Publishers 4/1/2017
Healed Without Scars David G. Evans 9780883685426 Whitaker House 8/1/2003
Healing Our Broken Humanity Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Graham Hill 9780830845415 InterVarsity Press 8/28/2018
Hello Tomorrow Cindy Trimm 9781629995496 Charisma House 9/4/2018
Holier than Thou Jackie Hill Perry 9781535975711 B&H Pubiishing Group 8/17/2021
Holy Living: Neighboring Jorge Acevedo 9781501877605 Abingdon 8/20/2019
Holy Sexuality and the Gospel Christopher Yuan 9780735290914 Multnomah 11/20/2018
Home for Christmas Justin Coleman 9781501870446 Abingdon 9/1/2018
Hope for the Hurting Tony Evans 9781087736990 B&H Pubiishing Group 1/11/2022
How Should Christians Vote? Tony Evans 9780802404794 Moody Publishers 5/1/2012
How to Be Present in an Absent World Daniel Montgomery 9780310100966 Zondervan 2/25/2020
How to Fight Racism Jemar Tisby 9780310104773 Zondervan 1/5/2021
How to Fight Racism Jemar Tisby 9780310105152 Zondervan 1/5/2021
How to Fix a Broken Record Amena Brown 9780310349334 Zondervan 11/7/2017
How to Overcome Worry Neely Winfred 9780802415042 Moody Publishers 4/1/2017
Human(Kind) Ashlee Eiland 9780525653431 WaterBrook 4/7/2020
Hurting Yet Whole Liuan Huska 9780830848072 InterVarsity Press 12/8/2020
I Am Restored Lecrae Moore 9780310358039 Zondervan 10/13/2020
I Am Restored Study Guide plus Streaming Video Lecrae Moore 9780310133865 HarperChristian Resources 6/1/2021
I Am Restored Study Guide with DVD Lecrae Moore 9780310133896 HarperChristian Resources 6/15/2021
I Am Restored Video Study Lecrae Moore 9780310133889 HarperChristian Resources 6/1/2021
I Am Zion John Eckhardt 9781629996219 Charisma House 1/7/2020
I See You Terence Lester 9780830845729 InterVarsity Press 8/13/2019
I Stand with Christ Zhang Rongliang 9781629113371 Whitaker House 7/1/2015
Identity T D Jakes 9780768408089 Destiny Image 8/1/2015
iGod Josie Carr 9781577948858 Harrison House 4/18/2008
Instinct Bishop T.D. Jakes 9781455554058 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 5/6/2014
Intensional: Kingdom Ethnicity in a Divided World D. A. Horton 9781631466915 NavPress 10/22/2019
Is Christianity the White Man's Religion? Antipas L. Harris 9780830845996 InterVarsity Press 5/19/2020
It's Happening William McDowell 9781629995007 Charisma House 4/17/2018
It's Not Over Ricardo Sanchez 9781616388331 Charisma House 9/4/2012
It's Not Your Turn Heather Thompson Day 9780830847761 InterVarsity Press 6/29/2021
Jesus Wayne Cordeiro 9781441270825 Baker Publishing Group 10/1/2012
Joseph and the Gosepl of Many Colors Voddie Baucham 9781433553731 Crossway 10/31/2013
Just Pray  John F. Hannah 9781629999531 Charisma House 4/20/2021
Kids Off the Block Diane Latiker with Bethany Mauger 9781540900425 Baker Publishing Group 9/1/2020
Kill the Spider Carlos Whittaker 9780310338000 Zondervan 10/3/2017
Killing Us Softly Efrem Smith 9781631465208 NavPress 2/1/2017
Kingdom Agenda Tony Evans 9780802410610 Moody Publishers 8/1/2013
Kingdom Heroes Tony Evans 9780736976619 Harvest House Publishers 9/7/2021
Kingdom Heroes DVD Tony Evans 9780736984072 Harvest House Publishers 9/7/2021
Kingdom Heroes Workbook Tony Evans 9780736984089 Harvest House Publishers 9/7/2021
Kingdom Men Rising Tony Evans 9780764237058 Bethany House (Baker Publishing Group) 4/6/2021
La vida, la muerte y el más allá a través de la Biblia Alfonso Pérez Ranchal 9788418204814 Clie 1/26/2022
Las trampas del miedo Daniel Habif 9781400222810 Grupo 9/15/2021
Law of Confession Dr. Bill Winston 9781606834084 Harrison House 1/3/2012
Leadership by the Good Book David Steward 9781546013273 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 5/12/2020
Let Justice Roll Down John M. Perkins 9780801018152 Baker Publishing Group 4/27/2012
Let Justice Roll Down John M. Perkins; narrated by Calvin Robinson 9781621886716 ChristianAudio / Oasis Audio 1/31/2017
Let the World See You Sam Acho 9781400220274 Thomas Nelson Publishers 10/13/2020
Let the World See You Sam Acho 9781400220274 Thomas Nelson 10/13/2020
Let the World See You Sam Acho 9781400220472 Thomas Nelson 1/11/2022
Letters to a Birmingham Jail Bryan Loritts 9780802411969 Moody Publishers 4/1/2014
Letters to the Church Francis Chan 9780830776580 David C Cook 9/1/2018
Letters to the Church Study Guide Francis Chan 9780830775828 David C Cook 9/1/2018
Limitless Life Derwin L. Gray 9781400205363 Thomas Nelson 9/10/2013
Living in Financial Victory Tony Evans 9780802407238 Moody Publishers 1/1/2013
Loose That Man and Let Him Go! T.D. Jakes 9780764228162 Baker Publishing Group 5/1/2003
Love Is an Inside Job Romal Tune 9781478992608 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 4/3/2018
Love Them Anyway  Choco DeJesus 9781629997155 Charisma House 6/1/2021
Made for Glory Joshua McClure 9781632694263 Deep River Books 11/3/2016
Magnificent Obsession Brian Kim 9781621365631 Charisma House 5/13/2015
Make Your Voice Heard in Heaven Barry Black 9781496429490 Tyndale House Publishers 1/9/2018
Make Your Voice Heard in Heaven Barry Black 9781496429490 Tyndale House Publishers 1/9/2018
Many Colors Soong-Chan Rah 9780802450487 Moody Publishers 9/1/2010
Marriage Ain't for Punks Calvin Roberson 9781546015697 Worthy Books, a division of Hachette Book Group 9/7/2021
Mixed Blessing Chandra Crane 9780830848058 InterVarsity Press 12/15/2020
Moderation is Key Oghomwen (Owen) Jones 9781637460269 Kharis Publishing 3/26/2021
More of Him George Bloomer 9781603745017 Whitaker House 1/1/2012
Mothers Are Leaders Kimberly Vattle-Walters Denu and Janet S. Walters 9780891125808 ACU Press 5/1/2015
Move into More Wilfredo de Jesús 9780310349921 Zondervan 4/24/2018
My People, My People, My God Rev. Donald Marbury 9781946277244 Kharis Publishing 9/19/2018
Never Alone Tiffany Bluhm 9781501848636 Abingdon 2/6/2018
Next Adonis Lenzy 9781424551057 BroadStreet Publishing 12/1/2015
Next Adonis Lenzy 9781424551057 BroadStreet Publishing 12/1/2015
No Flesh Shall Glory C. Herbert Oliver 9781629959016 P&R Publishing 2/3/2021
No More Excuses Tony Evans 9781433556593 Crossway 7/31/2017
No Turning Back Rashawn Copeland 9781540900128 Baker Publishing Group 3/15/2022
Not Forsaken Chris McNair 9781791000004 Abingdon 2/16/2021
Not So Black and White Reggie Dabbs 9780310363408 Zondervan 10/12/2021
Nothing to Fear Barry Black 9781496421081 Tyndale House Publishers 2/7/2017
Now Waiting Sarah Johnson 9781684263400 Leafwood Publishers 3/3/2020
On Broken Pieces Joshua McClure 9781632694591 Deep River Books 9/5/2017
On Holy Ground Joshua McClure 9781632694799 Deep River Books 11/16/2017
One Deidra Riggs 9780801018435 Baker Publishing Group 4/4/2017
One Family Under God Tony Evans 9780802411419 Moody Publishers 10/1/2013
One Holy Fire Nicky Cruz 9781578566525 WaterBrook 1/21/2003
One in Christ David D. Ireland 9781621576914 Salem Books 3/26/2018
One Life Under God Tony Evans 9780802411860 Moody Publishers 8/1/2014
One Vote Benjamin Carson 9781496406323 Tyndale House Publishers 11/1/2014
Ordinary People Extraordinary Power John Eckhardt 9781616381660 Charisma House 10/21/2010
Overcoming Crisis Myles Munroe 9780768430523 Destiny Image 5/1/2009
Overrated Eugene Cho 9780802878656 David C Cook 9/1/2014
Paradox Sergio De La Mora 9781629119373 Whitaker House 10/10/2017
Passing the Tests of Life George Davis 9781616386139 Charisma House 6/5/2012
Pathways Tony Evans 9781433686603 B&H Publishing Group 1/15/2019
Plantation Jesus Skot Welch & Rick Wilson 9781513803302 Herald Press 5/22/2018
Pond, River, Ocean, Rain Charles Lattimore Howard 9781501831034 Abingdon 2/15/2017
Pray Out Loud  Kimberley Daniels  9781629997629 Charisma House 11/16/2021
Prayer That Brings Revival David Yonggi Cho 9780884195801 Charisma House 10/19/1998
Prayer: Key to Revival Yonggi Cho & Wayde Goodall 9781424558629 BroadStreet Publishing 7/2/2019
Prayer: Key to Revival Yonggi Cho & Wayde Goodall 9781424558629 BroadStreet Publishing 7/2/2019
Praying Through the Names of God Tony Evans 9780736960519 Harvest House Publishers 8/1/2014
Praying Through the Names of Jesus Tony Evans 9780736975308 Harvest House Publishers 10/1/2019
Prevail Dr Cindy Trimm 9780768409079 Destiny Image 11/1/2016
Prodigal Heart Christine M. DeClario 9781629991726 Charisma House 9/5/2017
Prophet, Arise John Eckhardt 9781629986388 Charisma House 7/7/2015
Prophetic Activation John Eckhardt 9781629987095 Charisma House 6/7/2016
Prophetic Lament Soong-Chan Rah 9780830836949 InterVarsity Press 9/3/2015
Provided Cornelius Quek 9781641230032 Whitaker House 3/13/2018
Race and Place David P. Leong 9780830841349 InterVarsity Press 1/7/2017
Radical Prayer Manny Mill 9780802413468 Moody Publishers 10/1/2015
Raise Your Voice Kathy Khang 9780830845408 InterVarsity Press 7/31/2018
Re-Present Jesus Dharius Daniels 9781621365853 Charisma House 10/7/2014
Rebranding Worship Wayne Huirua 9781629115559 Whitaker House 7/9/2015
Redefined Kenneth Ortiz 9780891124993 Leafwood Publishers 4/1/2014
Rediscovering the Kingdom Expanded Edition Myles Munroe 9780768432114 Destiny Image 4/1/2010
Refractions Makoto Fujimura 9781600063015 NavPress 2/15/2009
Reinvent Your Life Alvin Slaughter 9781599796086 Charisma House 3/24/2010
Relational Intelligence Dharius Daniels 9780310357827 Zondervan 1/28/2020
Reparations Duke L. Kwon and Gregory Thompson 9781587434501 Baker Publishing Group 2/16/2021
Repurposed Noe Garcia 9781087740492 B&H Pubiishing Group 10/19/2021
Restless Devices Felicia Wu Song 9780830851133 InterVarsity Press 11/30/2021
Restoration House Kennesha Buycks 9780310092063 Zondervan 4/30/2019
Rethinking Incarceration Dominique DuBois Gilliard 9780830845293 InterVarsity Press 2/6/2018
Reviving the American Spirit Keith Butler 9781591859635 Charisma House 1/9/2006
Right Color, Wrong Culture Bryan Loritts 9780802411730 Moody Publishers 9/1/2014
Rise Trip Lee 9780529120991 Thomas Nelson 2/3/2015
Roadmap to Reconciliation 2.0 Brenda Salter McNeil 9780830848126 InterVarsity Press 6/16/2020
Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past Cindy Trimm 9781621362333 Charisma House 5/6/2014
Running After God Josie Carr 9781680310399 Harrison House 11/10/2015
Sacred Endurance Trillia Newbell 9780830845781 InterVarsity Press 11/12/2019
Sacred Rest Saundra Dalton-Smith 9781478921677 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 12/19/2017
Say Goodbye to Powerless Christianity Che H. Ahn 9780768431131 Destiny Image 8/1/2009
Say Yes When Life Says No DeForest B. Soaries Jr. 9780830777310 David C Cook 7/1/2019
Screen Kids Arlene Pellicane 9780802422200 Moody Publishers 10/1/2020
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Nabeel Qureshi 9780310092643 Zondervan 8/21/2018
Seen. Known. Loved. York Moore 9780802419903 Moody Publishers 7/1/2020
Sense and Sensuality Ravi Zacharias 9781590528600 Multnomah 6/1/2006
Servants for His Glory Miguel Nunez 9781087741888 B&H Pubiishing Group 6/15/2021
Set Apart Denisse Copeland 9781540901026 Baker Publishing Group 8/24/2021
Set Free to Live Free Saundra Dalton-Smith 9781441232588 Baker Publishing Group 5/1/2011
Shake Free Samuel Rodriguez 9781601428219 WaterBrook 4/23/2019
Sharing Your Faith with a Hindu Madasamy Thirumalai 9780764226328 Baker Publishing Group 8/1/2002
Sharing Your Faith with a Muslim Abdiyah Akbar Abdul-Haqq 9781441211569 Baker Publishing Group 8/1/1980
She Dreams Tiffany Bluhm 9781501878329 Abingdon 2/5/2019
She's Still There Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310347811 Zondervan 8/8/2017
She's Still There Study Guide Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310081739 HarperChristian Resources 8/8/2017
She's Still There Study Guide with DVD Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310081791 HarperChristian Resources 8/22/2017
She's Still There Video Study Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310081784 HarperChristian Resources 8/8/2017
Shunpiking: No Shortcuts to God Reno Omokri 9781937756895 Deep River Books 9/5/2013
So You Call Yourself a Man? T.D. Jakes 9780764204517 Baker Publishing Group 10/1/2007
Soar! Bishop T.D. Jakes 9781455553914 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 10/10/2017
Soul Care in African American Practice Barbara L. Peacock 9780830846719 InterVarsity Press 5/5/2020
Soul Obsession Nicky Cruz 9781578568932 WaterBrook 6/7/2005
Stand Strong America Jason Jimenez & Alex McFarland 9781424552429 BroadStreet Publishing 8/1/2016
Stand Strong America Jason Jimenez & Alex McFarland 9781424552429 BroadStreet Publishing 8/1/2016
Stand Strong in Your Faith Jason Jimenez & Alex McFarland 9781424553068 BroadStreet Publishing 6/1/2017
Stand Strong in Your Faith Jason Jimenez & Alex McFarland 9781424553068 BroadStreet Publishing 6/1/2017
Start Where You Are Rashawn Copeland 9781540900111 Baker Publishing Group 9/1/2020
Stay Anjuli Paschall 9780764235849 Baker Publishing Group 3/31/2020
Stepping Up! Johnny McGowan 9781546010036 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 3/12/2019
Stones of Remembrance Lois Evans 9780802483980 Moody Publishers 10/1/2006
Storm Warrior Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda 9780800794392 Baker Publishing Group 2/2/2008
Stronger Together, Weaker Apart Tony Evans 9780736981774 Harvest House Publishers 5/1/2020
Struggling with Evangelicalism Dan Stringer 9780830847662 InterVarsity Press 11/2/2021
Subversive Witness Dominique DuBois Gilliard 9780310124030 Zondervan 8/24/2021
Success From the Inside Out Nona Jones 9780310357605 Zondervan 1/21/2020
Surviving and Thriving in Seminary Danny Zacharias and Benjamin K. Forrest 9781577997788 Lexham Press 4/19/2017
Sweet Like Jasmine Bonnie Gray 9780736983426 Harvest House Publishers 10/5/2021
T.D. Jakes Speaks to Men T.D. Jakes 9780764212871 Baker Publishing Group 10/7/2014
Take the Lid Off Smokie Norful 9780718078935 Thomas Nelson Publishers 9/5/2017
Take the Lid Off Smokie Norful 9780718096373 Thomas Nelson 9/4/2018
Take the Risk Ben Carson M.D. 9780310259732 Zondervan 12/19/2007
Talk Yourself Happy Kristi Watts 9780718083861 Thomas Nelson 1/3/2017
Talking about Race Isaac Adams 9780310124429 Zondervan 1/4/2022
The 28-Day Prayer Journey Study Guide Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310121848 HarperChristian Resources 8/11/2020
The 28-Day Prayer Journey Study Guide with DVD Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310121879 HarperChristian Resources 8/25/2020
The 28-Day Prayer Journey Video Study Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310121862 HarperChristian Resources 8/11/2020
The Bible and Borders M. Daniel Carroll R. 9781587434457 Baker Publishing Group 4/30/2020
The Blessing of Adversity Barry Black 9781414326801 Tyndale House Publishers 2/7/2017
The Case of the Jealous Lover Clifford L. Frazier 9780883685471 Whitaker House 4/1/1999
The Color of Compromise Jemar Tisby 9780310597261 Zondervan 1/22/2019
The Color of Compromise Jemar Tisby 9780310113607 Zondervan 1/7/2020
The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church's Complicity in Racism Jemar Tisby; narrated by Jemar Tisby 9780310597308 ChristianAudio / Zondervan 1/22/2019
The Culture of Heaven Troy Goode 9781641230445 Whitaker House 4/10/2018
The Daily Check-In Michelle Williams 9781400223398 Thomas Nelson 1/25/2022
The Deeply Formed Life Rich Villodas 9780525654384 WaterBrook 9/15/2020
The Diversity Playbook Michelle R. Loyd-Paige & Michelle D. Williams 9781684263714 ACU Press 11/2/2021
The Divine Mentor Wayne Cordeiro 9780764205798 Baker Publishing Group 10/1/2008
The Fire That Ignites Tony Evans 9781601424389 Multnomah 7/2/2003
The Gift of Letting Go Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310359661 Zondervan 7/13/2021
The Gift of Letting Go Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310359661 Zondervan 7/13/2021
The Gift of Letting Go Study Guide Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310121725 HarperChristian Resources 7/13/2021
The Gift of Letting Go Video Study Chrystal Evans Hurst 9780310121749 HarperChristian Resources 7/13/2021
The Good Land John Eckhardt 9781629996882 Charisma House 11/5/2019
The Good Life Derwin Gray 9781535995719 B&H Publishing Group 6/2/2020
The Good Life Trip Lee 9780802408587 Moody Publishers 10/1/2012
The Grace of Giving Ché Ahn 9780800796297 Baker Publishing Group 3/18/2013
The Hidden Power of Prayer & Fasting Revised Mahesh Chavda 9780768424102 Destiny Image 1/1/2007
The Hidden Power of the Blood of Jesus Mahesh Chavda 9780768422221 Destiny Image 3/1/2004
The Holy Spirit Frederick KC Price 9781629985381 Charisma House 4/12/2016
The I Factor Van Moody 9780718077563 Thomas Nelson 11/22/2016
The Invisible King and His Kingdom John Eckhardt 9781616382797 Charisma House 7/5/2011
The Kingdom of God in You Dr. Bill Winston 9781606830321 Harrison House 5/11/2010
The Lamb and the Fuhrer Ravi Zacharias 9781601423207 Multnomah 10/27/2009
The Last Arrow Erwin McManus 9781601429551 WaterBrook 8/13/2019
The Leader in You: Discovering Your Unexpected Path to Influence Ebony S. Small 9780830831838 InterVarsity Press 7/14/2020
The Lotus and the Cross Ravi Zacharias 9781601423184 Multnomah 11/2/2010
The Manga Bible Siku 9780385524315 WaterBrook 1/15/2008
The Morning Mind Robert Carter III 9780814439852 AMACOM 1/8/2019
The Mosaic Course: Understanding World Religions from a Christian Perspective Mathew P. John 9780830780754 David C Cook 3/1/2020
The Only Answer is Prayer William McDowell and Jason McCullen 9780800762094 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 1/5/2021
The People Factor Van Moody 9781400205028 Zondervan 1/14/2014
The Power of 1440 Tim Timberlake 9780785238928 Thomas Nelson 3/9/2021
The Power of Aligning Your Words to God's Will Hakeem Collins 9780800799724 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 2/8/2022
The Power of God's Names Tony Evans 9780736939973 Harvest House Publishers 2/1/2014
The Power of Jesus' Names Tony Evans 9780736960670 Harvest House Publishers 5/1/2019
The Power of Knowing God Tony Evans 9780736969543 Harvest House Publishers 8/1/2020
The Power of the Cross Tony Evans 9780802411181 Moody Publishers 2/1/2016
The Principle and Power of Kingdom Citizenship Myles Munroe 9780768418569 Destiny Image 3/1/2018
The Principles and Benefits of Change Myles Munroe 9781603741583 Whitaker House 6/4/2009
The Principles and Power of Vision Myles Munroe 9781629113715 Whitaker House 1/1/2015
The Principles and Power of Vision Myles Munroe 9780883688656 Whitaker House 8/4/2009
The Principles and Power of Vision Study Guide Myles Munroe 9780883683897 Whitaker House 5/5/2006
The Prophet's Manual John Eckhardt 9781629990934 Charisma House 7/4/2017
The Prophetic Responsibility Matthew L. Stevenson III 9781629995311 Charisma House 10/1/2019
The Purpose and Power of the Holy Spirit Myles Munroe 9781641231350 Whitaker House 9/11/2018
The Pursuit of Porsha Porsha Williams 9781546015901 Worthy Books, a division of Hachette Book Group 11/16/2021
The Resilient Pastor Glenn Packiam 9780801018695 Baker Books (Baker Publishing Group) 2/15/2022
The Sacred Secular Dottie Escobedo Frank 9781501810442 Abingdon 10/18/2016
The Self Examined Multiple contributors 9781684260805 ACU Press 9/4/2018
The Shift Keion Henderson 9781546014928 Worthy Books, a division of Hachette Book Group 3/24/2020
The Triumphant Church: What Happens when Ordinary People Are Empowered by an Extraordinary God Tony Suarez 9781424557431 BroadStreet Publishing 11/6/2018
The Unknown God: A Journey with Jesus from East to West Mathew P. John 9780830780747 David C Cook 3/1/2020
The Untouched Part Eunice-Pauline Olatunji 9781946277947 Kharis Publishing 12/6/2020
The Very Good Gospel Lisa Sharon Harper 9781601428585 WaterBrook 6/20/2016
The Walk Shaun Alexander 9780307730251 WaterBrook 10/4/2011
The Way of the Warrior Erwin McManus 9781601429568 WaterBrook 2/26/2019
The Way Up Is Down Marlena Graves 9780830846740 InterVarsity Press 7/14/2020
Third Day Christian Sammy Rodriguez 9780884197300 Charisma House 8/2/2000
This Kind of Love Kaelin & Kyrah Edwards 9781546017523 Worthy Books, a division of Hachette Book Group 7/13/2021
Treasure in Jars of Clay Claudio Freidzon 9780884196440 Charisma House 8/27/1999
Truth Doesn't Have a Side Bennet Omalu 9780310351962 Zondervan 8/8/2017
Turn Your Season Around Darryl Strawberry 9780310360865 Zondervan 1/12/2021
Twelve Lies That Hold American Captive Jonathan P. Walton 9780830845583 InterVarsity Press 1/8/2019
Twelve Transgressions Sergio Scataglini 9780884198734 Charisma House 8/27/2002
U-Turns Tony Evans 9781462790616 B&H Publishing Group 1/12/2021
Un corazón en el desierto Patricia Namnún 9781400228942 Grupo 9/15/2021
Un equipo ganador Andrés Panasiuk 9781400277711 Grupo 9/1/2021
Uncommon Ground John Inazu and Tim Keller 9781400219605 Thomas Nelson Publishers 4/14/2020
Undefeated Allen Griffin 9781621360261 Charisma House 7/9/2013
Under Our Skin Benjamin Watson 9781496413307 Tyndale House Publishers 10/1/2016
Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer Myles Munroe 9781629119175 Whitaker House 1/2/2018
United Trillia Newbell 9780802410146 Moody Publishers 3/1/2014
Unleashed Eric Mason 9781433687471 B&H Publishing Group 8/15/2015
Unshakeable John Eckhardt 9781629985947 Charisma House 8/10/2015
Unshaken Crawford Loritts 9781433545047 Crossway 8/31/2015
Until Unity Francis Chan 9780830782727 David C Cook 4/1/2021
Victory in Spiritual Warfare Tony Evans 9780736939997 Harvest House Publishers 8/1/2011
Voice in the Night Pastor Surprise 9780800795238 Baker Publishing Group 2/1/2012
Warfare Tony Evans 9780802418173 Moody Publishers 9/1/2018
We Go On John Onwuchekwa 9780310460114 Zondervan 1/11/2022
Welcoming Justice Charles Marsh and John M. Perkins 9780830834792 InterVarsity Press 11/20/2018
What if I'm Discouraged in My Evangelism? Isaac Adams 9781433568206 Crossway 3/31/2020
What if Jesus Was Serious About Prayer? Skye Jethani 9780802424167 Moody Publishers 6/1/2021
What if Jesus Was Serious? Skye Jethani 9780802419750 Moody Publishers 6/1/2020
What Love Looks Like Mahesh Chavda and Harry R. Jackson Jr 9781441269379 Baker Publishing Group 8/18/2015
What They Meant for Evil Rebecca Deng 9781546017226 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 9/10/2019
When God Stops Derek Grier 9781400213566 Thomas Nelson 8/13/2019
When Heaven Comes Down Ché Ahn 9780800794798 Baker Publishing Group 11/1/2009
When It All Comes Together Pastor Riva Tims 9781629985985 Charisma House 2/7/2017
When It All Falls Apart Pastor Riva Tims 9781616384715 Charisma House 3/6/2012
When We Stand Terence Lester 9780830831784 InterVarsity Press 5/18/2021
When Women Pray Bishop T.D. Jakes 9781546015598 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 9/29/2020
Who Comes in the Name of the Lord? Harold Recinos 9780687010028 Abingdon 10/31/1997
Who Do You Say I Am? Joshua McClure 9781937756772 Deep River Books 4/4/2013
Wholeness Touré Roberts 9780310351948 Zondervan 2/6/2018
Wholeness Touré Roberts 9780310359388 Zondervan 2/11/2020
Why Do I Feel Like This? Peace Amadi 9780830847723 InterVarsity Press 5/25/2021
Why Do I Say Yes When I Need to Say No? Michelle McKinney Hammond 9780736936873 Harvest House Publishers 7/1/2002
Win from Within John W. Gray, III 9781455539598 FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group 10/30/2018
Winning the Race to Unity Clarence Shuler 9780802481597 Moody Publishers 4/1/2003
Winning the Worry Battle Barbara Roose 9781501857843 Abingdon 4/17/2018
With Justice for All John M. Perkins 9780801018169 Baker Publishing Group 2/7/2011
Woke Church Eric Mason 9780802416988 Moody Publishers 10/1/2018
Woke Church: An Urgent Call for Christians in America to Confront Racism and Injustice Eric Mason; narrated by JD Jackson 9781545912706 ChristianAudio 7/16/2019
Woman Evolve Sarah Jakes Roberts 9780785235545 Thomas Nelson 4/6/2021
Women: God's Secret Weapon Ed Silvoso 9780800798826 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 7/2/2019
Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns Michael Phillips 9780593193907 WaterBrook 1/25/2022
You Are Next Samuel Rodriguez 9781629995915 Charisma House 5/7/2019
You Were Born for More Harry R. Jackson, Jr. 9781441262158 Baker Publishing Group 7/1/2013
Your Greater is Right Now Derrick Love 9781946277756 Kharis Publishing 10/21/2020
Your Time Is Now Jonathan Evans 9780764237119 Bethany House (Baker Publishing Group) 6/8/2021

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