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Christian Books on Racial Justice | Christian Books by Authors of Color
ECPA has compiled this list of Christian Books by Authors of Color in several categories. They are listed in alphabetical order by title, and represent a variety of works. This is not a comprehensive list and ECPA will continue to post additional resources to this site.

Charismatic Interest by authors of color
Title Author ISBN Publisher Pub date
10 Prayer Secrets Hakeem Collins 9780800799717 Baker Publishing Group 6/30/20
30 Prayers of Divine Protection  Kynan Bridges  9781641237871 Whitaker House 8/24/21
Accelerated Healing John Proodian 9780768419047 Destiny Image 5/1/18
Activate Heaven John Eckhardt 9781629998626 Charisma House 1/5/21
Angelic Allies Lenika Scott 9780768451023 Destiny Image 10/1/19
Armed and Dangerous John Ramirez 9780800798505 Baker Publishing Group 9/5/17
Be Healed and Stay Healed Ed Rocha 9781441229632 Baker Publishing Group 2/2/16
Break Loose George Bloomer 9781629118277 Whitaker House 4/4/17
Breakthrough Fast Guillermo Maldonado 9781641231657 Whitaker House 12/18/18
Carriers of the Glory David Hernandez 9780768410211 Destiny Image 4/19/16
Clean House, Strong House  Kimberly Daniels  9780884199649 Charisma House 3/12/03
Combat Prayers to Crush the Enemy John Ramirez 9780800761967 Baker Publishing Group 12/1/20
Command Your Healing Hakeem Collins 9780768442793 Destiny Image 8/1/18
Created for Purpose Guillermo Maldonado 9781641233378 Whitaker House 9/24/19
Daily Declarations Deluxe Edition  John Eckhardt  9781621362388 Charisma House 10/1/13
Daily Declarations for Spiritual Warfare= John Eckhardt  9781616384432 Charisma House 10/4/11
Dangerous Prayers from the Courts of Heaven that Destroy Evil Altars Dr. Francis Myles 9780768457582 Destiny Image 10/1/21
Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Manual  John Eckhardt  9781621366256 Charisma House 8/5/14
Demon Hit List John Eckhardt 9781629117904 Whitaker House 6/1/16
Desperate Prayers for Desperate Times John Eckhardt  9781629995359 Charisma House 8/7/18
Destroy the Works of the Enemy John and Iris Delgado  9781621365143 Charisma House 9/3/13
Destroying Fear John Ramirez 9780800799472 Baker Publishing Group 10/1/19
Destroying the Spirit of Rejection  John Eckhardt  9781629987705 Charisma House 9/6/16
Discover the Hidden You Myles Munroe 9780768457933 Destiny Image 4/1/21
Divine Encounter with the Holy Spirit Guillermo Maldonado 9781629118987 Whitaker House 10/3/17
Encountering the Holy Spirit in Every Book of the Bible David Hernandez 9780768417326 Destiny Image 3/1/18
End-Time Shaking and Revival  Guillermo Maldonado  9781641237703 Whitaker House 10/5/21
Engaging the Prophetic Realm Dr. Joe Ibojie 9780768448535 Destiny Image 11/1/19
Ferocious Warrior  Cora B. Jakes-Coleman 9781629996592 Charisma House 7/16/19
From a Mess to a Miracle  Kimberly Daniels  9781621369738 Charisma House 8/20/14
From Head to Toe  John Eckhardt  9781629997216 Charisma House 7/2/19
Give It Back! Kimberly Daniels  9781599790572 Charisma House 12/13/06
Glory of God Guillermo Maldonado 9781603744904 Whitaker House 3/27/12
God Wants to Bless You! Ché Ahn 9781441269300 Baker Publishing Group 7/21/15
God's Covenant with You for Deliverance and Freedom  John Eckhardt  9781621365792 Charisma House 4/1/14
God's Covenant with You for Life and Favor  John Eckhardt  9781629980140 Charisma House 3/24/15
God's Covenant with You for Your Family  John Eckhardt  9781621360124 Charisma House 5/7/13
God’s Secret Weapon: Worship Dr. Alveda King 9780768460230 Destiny Image 2/1/22
Holy Spirit, My Senior Partner  David Yonggi Cho  9780884192268 Charisma House 7/31/96
How to Pray for Healing Ché Ahn 9780800796303 Baker Publishing Group 12/8/03
How to TAP into the Glory of God Shawn Morris 9780768411959 Destiny Image 6/1/17
How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God Guillermo Maldonado 9781603742788 Whitaker House 3/18/11
How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God Study Guide Guillermo Maldonado 9781603743266 Whitaker House 5/10/11
I Am Your Sign Sean Smith 9780768439762 Destiny Image 8/1/11
I Have Seen the Kingdom  Kingsley Fletcher  9780884194859 Charisma House 4/23/98
Identifying and Breaking Curses John Eckhardt 9780883686157 Whitaker House 6/13/00
Igniter of Faith David Yanez 9781629115597 Whitaker House 9/16/15
Illustrated Dictionary of Dream Symbols Dr. Joe Ibojie 9780768431575 Destiny Image 2/1/10
Inside Out  Kimberly Daniels  9781599792798 Charisma House 5/6/08
Invading the Heavens Kynan Bridges 9781641230414 Whitaker House 8/14/18
Invisible Battlegrounds Yolanda Stith 9780768446517 Destiny Image 3/1/19
Issuing Divine Restraining Orders from the Courts of Heaven Francis Myles 9780768445589 Destiny Image 8/1/19
Jesus Is Coming Soon Guillermo Maldonado 9781641235013 Whitaker House 9/29/20
Kingdom Authority Kynan Bridges 9781629113357 Whitaker House 5/9/15
Listen to Me Satan  Carlos Annacondia Msi  9781629986586 Charisma House 5/12/15
Megachurch Christianity Reconsidered Wanjiru M. Gitau 9780830851034 InterVarsity Press 10/16/18
Moving in the Apostolic (revised and updated) John Eckhardt 9780800798017 Baker Publishing Group 1/17/17
Next-Level Believers Venner J. Alston 9780800762377 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 1/18/22
Next-Level Spiritual Warfare Venner J. Alston 9780800799281 Baker Publishing Group 4/30/19
Next-Level Spiritual Warfare Venner J. Alston 9780800799281 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 4/30/19
Night Vision Charles R. Fox 9780768462203 Destiny Image 6/1/22
No Longer Mere Mortals Kerrick Butler 9781680318470 Harrison House 2/1/22
Overcoming Familiar Spirits  Kynan Bridges  9781641237970 Whitaker House 1/25/22
Persevera con Poder Samuel Rodriguez 9780800762056 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 10/5/21
Persevere with Power Samuel Rodriguez 9780800762032 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 10/5/21
Power Prophecy Naim Collins 9780768460346 Destiny Image 3/1/22
Powerful Prayers to Protect the Heart of Your Child  Dr. Iris Delgado  9781629996127 Charisma House 5/7/19
Prayer Evangelism (revised and updated) Ed Silvoso 9780800798840 Baker Publishing Group 6/5/18
Prayer Warrior's Way Cindy Trimm  9781616384708 Charisma House 10/4/11
Prayers for Victory in Spiritual Warfare Tony Evans 9780736960588 Harvest House Publishers 9/1/15
Prayers That Activate Blessings  John Eckhardt  9781616383701 Charisma House 7/5/11
Prayers That Break Curses Deluxe Edition John Eckhardt  9781629990682 Charisma House 5/2/17
Prayers That Break Curses  John Eckhardt  9781599799445 Charisma House 12/16/09
Prayers That Bring Change  Kimberly Daniels  9781599797519 Charisma House 4/22/09
Prayers That Bring Healing and Activate Blessings  John Eckhardt  9781616384685 Charisma House 9/6/11
Prayers That Bring Healing  John Eckhardt  9781616380045 Charisma House 5/10/10
Prayers That Move Mountains  John Eckhardt  9781616386528 Charisma House 6/5/11
Prayers That Release Heaven and Move Mountains  John Eckhardt  9781616388478 Charisma House 8/7/12
Prayers That Release Heaven on Earth  John Eckhardt  9781616380038 Charisma House 7/19/10
Prayers That Rout Demons and Break Curses John Eckhardt  9781616382155 Charisma House 8/26/10
Prayers That Rout Demons with Prayer Journal  John Eckhardt  9781629990675 Charisma House 8/16/16
Prayers That Rout Demons  John Eckhardt  9781599792460 Charisma House 12/12/07
Praying from Fire Melissa Medina 9780768462159 Destiny Image 6/1/22
Prophetic Evangelism Sean Smith 9780768423358 Destiny Image 12/1/05
Prophetic Evangelism (Revised and Updated) Sean Smith 9780768458091 Destiny Image 12/1/21
Prophetic Forecast Joshua Giles 9780800762384 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 4/19/22
Realms of the Prophetic Naim Collins 9780768448672 Destiny Image 6/1/19
Receiving the 12 Blessings of Israel Paul Thangiah 9780800798079 Baker Publishing Group 9/6/16
Rekindle the Altar Fire Chuck D. Pierce and Alemu Beeftu 9780800799793 Baker Publishing Group 12/1/20
Rekindle the Altar Fire Alemu Beeftu (co-author with Chuck D. Pierce) 9780800799793 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 12/1/20
Releasing the Miraculous James Tan 9781680315844 Harrison House 12/1/20
Releasing the Power of the Prophetic Jeremy Lopez 9780800795214 Baker Publishing Group 9/1/11
Restoring Praise and Worship to the Church Rodrigo Luna Zablah 9780768448764 Destiny Image 4/1/19
Revealing the Healer Yvon Attia 9780768453928 Destiny Image 11/1/20
Revelation of Royalty Bill Winston 9781636410098 Charisma House 7/6/21
RevivalMakers Tony Suarez 9780768462227 Destiny Image 7/1/22
RevivalMakers (Spanish Edition) Tony Suarez 9780768462265 Destiny Image 7/1/22
Rules of Engagement Cindy Trimm 9781599793405 Charisma House 8/12/08
Satan You Can't Have My Children  Dr. Iris Delgado  9781616383695 Charisma House 6/7/11
Satan You Can't Have My Day Dr. Iris Delgado  9781621369745 Charisma House 10/23/14
Satan You Can't Have My Family Dr. Iris Delgado  9781621366140 Charisma House 10/1/13
Satan You Can't Have My Marriage Dr. Iris Delgado  9781616386733 Charisma House 1/3/12
Satan You Can't Have My Miracle Dr. Iris Delgado  9781616388782 Charisma House 10/2/12
Satan You Can't Have My Promises Dr. Iris Delgado  9781621362302 Charisma House 1/8/13
School of the Miraculous Kynan Bridges 9781641233040 Whitaker House 1/14/20
School of the Miraculous Study Guide Kynan Bridges 9781641235648 Whitaker House 7/14/20
School of the Presence Kynan Bridges 9780768415001 Destiny Image 11/1/17
Secrets to Spiritual Power Watchman Nee 9780883684986 Whitaker House 2/1/99
Set Free and Delivered  Sophia Ruffin  9781629995243 Charisma House 5/1/18
Spirit-Led Evangelism Ché Ahn 9780800794422 Baker Publishing Group 5/1/08
Spiritual Boot Camp  Kimberly Daniels  9781616387136 Charisma House 10/2/12
Spiritual Housekeeping Kimberly Daniels  9781616382384 Charisma House 9/1/11
Spiritual Warfare George Bloomer 9780883686836 Whitaker House 1/1/04
Stress-Free Living Guillermo Maldonado 9781641233354 Whitaker House 6/25/19
Strongholds Ed Silvoso 9781493413423 Baker Publishing Group 8/21/18
Sudden Breakthrough LaJun and Shaw-Cole, Valora Cole 9780768443585 Destiny Image 10/1/18
Supernatural Breakthrough Journal Guillermo Maldonado 9781641231633 Whitaker House 12/18/18
Supernatural Deliverance Guillermo Maldonado 9781629115986 Whitaker House 1/11/16
Supernatural Transformation Guillermo Maldonado 9781629111957 Whitaker House 6/3/14
Supernaturally Delivered John Veal 9780768450323 Destiny Image 8/1/19
Supernaturally Prophetic John Veal 9780768446333 Destiny Image 6/1/18
That None Should Perish Ed Silvoso 9780800797164 Baker Publishing Group 4/18/95
The Art of War for Spiritual Battle  Cindy Trimm 9781599798721 Charisma House 7/19/10
The Bible-Based Dictionary of Prophetic Symbols Dr. Joe Ibojie 9780768443394 Destiny Image 10/1/18
The Demon Dictionary, Vol 1 Kimberly Daniels  9781621363002 Charisma House 8/6/13
The Glory of the Cross Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda 9780768456417 Destiny Image 2/1/21
The Great Azusa Street Revival William Seymour 9781641235228 Whitaker House 11/10/20
The Healing Handbook Kynan Bridges 9780768406672 Destiny Image 8/18/15
The Hidden Power of Speaking in Tongues Mahesh Chavda 9780768421712 Destiny Image 2/1/03
The Honor Exchange Guillermo Maldonado 9781641233965 Whitaker House 2/2/21
The Kingdom of God in You Revised and Updated Bill Winston 9781680317039 Harrison House 4/1/21
The Kingdom of Power Guillermo Maldonado 9781603747448 Whitaker House 3/7/13
The Nature of God David Yonggi Cho  9780884197737 Charisma House 3/12/02
The Only Answer Is Prayer William McDowell & Jason McMullen 9780800762094 Baker Publishing Group 1/5/21
The Power of Prophetic Prayer Kynan Bridges 9781629116228 Whitaker House 1/26/15
The Prophetic Advantage Study Guide Michelle McClain-Walters  9781629991788 Charisma House 5/2/17
The Prophetic Advantage  Michelle McClain-Walters  9781616386238 Charisma House 10/16/12
The Sound of Freedom Jennifer Weaver 9780768449976 Destiny Image 2/19/19
Til Heaven Invades Earth  Cindy Trimm 9781621362906 Charisma House 9/3/13
Transformation Ed Silvoso 9780800797171 Baker Publishing Group 2/1/10
Unlocking the Code of the Supernatural Kynan Bridges 9781641235808 Whitaker House 1/12/21
Unlocking the Code of the Supernatural Study Guide Kynan Bridges 9781641236263 Whitaker House 1/12/21
Unmasking the Accuser Kynan Bridges 9781629118086 Whitaker House 2/7/17
Unmasking the Devil John Ramirez 9780768408904 Destiny Image 12/1/15
Unseen Warfare Hakeem Collins 9780768452587 Destiny Image 3/1/21
What Is Happening to Me? Jeannie Ortega Law 9780800761769 Baker Publishing Group 2/2/21
When Kingdoms Clash  Cindy Trimm 9781616389482 Charisma House 9/4/12
Wild and Mighty Fire André T. Ashby 9781641230926 Whitaker House 1/8/19
Witchcraft in the Pews George Bloomer 9781629118581 Whitaker House 1/3/17
Witchcraft in the Pews and Spiritual Warfare  George Bloomer  9781641237598 Whitaker House 5/11/21
Woman, Thou Art Blessed T.D. Jakes 9780768452730 Destiny Image 1/1/21
You Shall Recover All John Eckhardt 9781636410265 Charisma House 1/4/22