Notable Christian Books by Topic

ECPA compiled this list in 2020 from member submissions. This is not a comprehensive list.

Charismatic Interest by authors of color
Title Author ISBN Publisher Pub date
10 Prayer Secrets Hakeem Collins 9780800799717 Baker Publishing Group 6/30/20
30 Prayers of Divine Protection  Kynan Bridges  9781641237871 Whitaker House 8/24/21
Accelerated Healing John Proodian 9780768419047 Destiny Image 5/1/18
Activate Heaven John Eckhardt 9781629998626 Charisma House 1/5/21
Angelic Allies Lenika Scott 9780768451023 Destiny Image 10/1/19
Armed and Dangerous John Ramirez 9780800798505 Baker Publishing Group 9/5/17
Be Healed and Stay Healed Ed Rocha 9781441229632 Baker Publishing Group 2/2/16
Break Loose George Bloomer 9781629118277 Whitaker House 4/4/17
Breakthrough Fast Guillermo Maldonado 9781641231657 Whitaker House 12/18/18
Carriers of the Glory David Hernandez 9780768410211 Destiny Image 4/19/16
Clean House, Strong House  Kimberly Daniels  9780884199649 Charisma House 3/12/03
Combat Prayers to Crush the Enemy John Ramirez 9780800761967 Baker Publishing Group 12/1/20
Command Your Healing Hakeem Collins 9780768442793 Destiny Image 8/1/18
Created for Purpose Guillermo Maldonado 9781641233378 Whitaker House 9/24/19
Daily Declarations Deluxe Edition  John Eckhardt  9781621362388 Charisma House 10/1/13
Daily Declarations for Spiritual Warfare= John Eckhardt  9781616384432 Charisma House 10/4/11
Dangerous Prayers from the Courts of Heaven that Destroy Evil Altars Dr. Francis Myles 9780768457582 Destiny Image 10/1/21
Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Manual  John Eckhardt  9781621366256 Charisma House 8/5/14
Demon Hit List John Eckhardt 9781629117904 Whitaker House 6/1/16
Desperate Prayers for Desperate Times John Eckhardt  9781629995359 Charisma House 8/7/18
Destroy the Works of the Enemy John and Iris Delgado  9781621365143 Charisma House 9/3/13
Destroying Fear John Ramirez 9780800799472 Baker Publishing Group 10/1/19
Destroying the Spirit of Rejection  John Eckhardt  9781629987705 Charisma House 9/6/16
Discover the Hidden You Myles Munroe 9780768457933 Destiny Image 4/1/21
Divine Encounter with the Holy Spirit Guillermo Maldonado 9781629118987 Whitaker House 10/3/17
Encountering the Holy Spirit in Every Book of the Bible David Hernandez 9780768417326 Destiny Image 3/1/18
End-Time Shaking and Revival  Guillermo Maldonado  9781641237703 Whitaker House 10/5/21
Engaging the Prophetic Realm Dr. Joe Ibojie 9780768448535 Destiny Image 11/1/19
Ferocious Warrior  Cora B. Jakes-Coleman 9781629996592 Charisma House 7/16/19
From a Mess to a Miracle  Kimberly Daniels  9781621369738 Charisma House 8/20/14
From Head to Toe  John Eckhardt  9781629997216 Charisma House 7/2/19
Give It Back! Kimberly Daniels  9781599790572 Charisma House 12/13/06
Glory of God Guillermo Maldonado 9781603744904 Whitaker House 3/27/12
God Wants to Bless You! Ché Ahn 9781441269300 Baker Publishing Group 7/21/15
God's Covenant with You for Deliverance and Freedom  John Eckhardt  9781621365792 Charisma House 4/1/14
God's Covenant with You for Life and Favor  John Eckhardt  9781629980140 Charisma House 3/24/15
God's Covenant with You for Your Family  John Eckhardt  9781621360124 Charisma House 5/7/13
God’s Secret Weapon: Worship Dr. Alveda King 9780768460230 Destiny Image 2/1/22
Holy Spirit, My Senior Partner  David Yonggi Cho  9780884192268 Charisma House 7/31/96
How to Pray for Healing Ché Ahn 9780800796303 Baker Publishing Group 12/8/03
How to TAP into the Glory of God Shawn Morris 9780768411959 Destiny Image 6/1/17
How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God Guillermo Maldonado 9781603742788 Whitaker House 3/18/11
How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God Study Guide Guillermo Maldonado 9781603743266 Whitaker House 5/10/11
I Am Your Sign Sean Smith 9780768439762 Destiny Image 8/1/11
I Have Seen the Kingdom  Kingsley Fletcher  9780884194859 Charisma House 4/23/98
Identifying and Breaking Curses John Eckhardt 9780883686157 Whitaker House 6/13/00
Igniter of Faith David Yanez 9781629115597 Whitaker House 9/16/15
Illustrated Dictionary of Dream Symbols Dr. Joe Ibojie 9780768431575 Destiny Image 2/1/10
Inside Out  Kimberly Daniels  9781599792798 Charisma House 5/6/08
Invading the Heavens Kynan Bridges 9781641230414 Whitaker House 8/14/18
Invisible Battlegrounds Yolanda Stith 9780768446517 Destiny Image 3/1/19
Issuing Divine Restraining Orders from the Courts of Heaven Francis Myles 9780768445589 Destiny Image 8/1/19
Jesus Is Coming Soon Guillermo Maldonado 9781641235013 Whitaker House 9/29/20
Kingdom Authority Kynan Bridges 9781629113357 Whitaker House 5/9/15
Listen to Me Satan  Carlos Annacondia Msi  9781629986586 Charisma House 5/12/15
Megachurch Christianity Reconsidered Wanjiru M. Gitau 9780830851034 InterVarsity Press 10/16/18
Moving in the Apostolic (revised and updated) John Eckhardt 9780800798017 Baker Publishing Group 1/17/17
Next-Level Believers Venner J. Alston 9780800762377 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 1/18/22
Next-Level Spiritual Warfare Venner J. Alston 9780800799281 Baker Publishing Group 4/30/19
Next-Level Spiritual Warfare Venner J. Alston 9780800799281 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 4/30/19
Night Vision Charles R. Fox 9780768462203 Destiny Image 6/1/22
No Longer Mere Mortals Kerrick Butler 9781680318470 Harrison House 2/1/22
Overcoming Familiar Spirits  Kynan Bridges  9781641237970 Whitaker House 1/25/22
Persevera con Poder Samuel Rodriguez 9780800762056 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 10/5/21
Persevere with Power Samuel Rodriguez 9780800762032 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 10/5/21
Power Prophecy Naim Collins 9780768460346 Destiny Image 3/1/22
Powerful Prayers to Protect the Heart of Your Child  Dr. Iris Delgado  9781629996127 Charisma House 5/7/19
Prayer Evangelism (revised and updated) Ed Silvoso 9780800798840 Baker Publishing Group 6/5/18
Prayer Warrior's Way Cindy Trimm  9781616384708 Charisma House 10/4/11
Prayers for Victory in Spiritual Warfare Tony Evans 9780736960588 Harvest House Publishers 9/1/15
Prayers That Activate Blessings  John Eckhardt  9781616383701 Charisma House 7/5/11
Prayers That Break Curses Deluxe Edition John Eckhardt  9781629990682 Charisma House 5/2/17
Prayers That Break Curses  John Eckhardt  9781599799445 Charisma House 12/16/09
Prayers That Bring Change  Kimberly Daniels  9781599797519 Charisma House 4/22/09
Prayers That Bring Healing and Activate Blessings  John Eckhardt  9781616384685 Charisma House 9/6/11
Prayers That Bring Healing  John Eckhardt  9781616380045 Charisma House 5/10/10
Prayers That Move Mountains  John Eckhardt  9781616386528 Charisma House 6/5/11
Prayers That Release Heaven and Move Mountains  John Eckhardt  9781616388478 Charisma House 8/7/12
Prayers That Release Heaven on Earth  John Eckhardt  9781616380038 Charisma House 7/19/10
Prayers That Rout Demons and Break Curses John Eckhardt  9781616382155 Charisma House 8/26/10
Prayers That Rout Demons with Prayer Journal  John Eckhardt  9781629990675 Charisma House 8/16/16
Prayers That Rout Demons  John Eckhardt  9781599792460 Charisma House 12/12/07
Praying from Fire Melissa Medina 9780768462159 Destiny Image 6/1/22
Prophetic Evangelism Sean Smith 9780768423358 Destiny Image 12/1/05
Prophetic Evangelism (Revised and Updated) Sean Smith 9780768458091 Destiny Image 12/1/21
Prophetic Forecast Joshua Giles 9780800762384 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 4/19/22
Realms of the Prophetic Naim Collins 9780768448672 Destiny Image 6/1/19
Receiving the 12 Blessings of Israel Paul Thangiah 9780800798079 Baker Publishing Group 9/6/16
Rekindle the Altar Fire Chuck D. Pierce and Alemu Beeftu 9780800799793 Baker Publishing Group 12/1/20
Rekindle the Altar Fire Alemu Beeftu (co-author with Chuck D. Pierce) 9780800799793 Chosen Books (Baker Publishing Group) 12/1/20
Releasing the Miraculous James Tan 9781680315844 Harrison House 12/1/20
Releasing the Power of the Prophetic Jeremy Lopez 9780800795214 Baker Publishing Group 9/1/11
Restoring Praise and Worship to the Church Rodrigo Luna Zablah 9780768448764 Destiny Image 4/1/19
Revealing the Healer Yvon Attia 9780768453928 Destiny Image 11/1/20
Revelation of Royalty Bill Winston 9781636410098 Charisma House 7/6/21
RevivalMakers Tony Suarez 9780768462227 Destiny Image 7/1/22
RevivalMakers (Spanish Edition) Tony Suarez 9780768462265 Destiny Image 7/1/22
Rules of Engagement Cindy Trimm 9781599793405 Charisma House 8/12/08
Satan You Can't Have My Children  Dr. Iris Delgado  9781616383695 Charisma House 6/7/11
Satan You Can't Have My Day Dr. Iris Delgado  9781621369745 Charisma House 10/23/14
Satan You Can't Have My Family Dr. Iris Delgado  9781621366140 Charisma House 10/1/13
Satan You Can't Have My Marriage Dr. Iris Delgado  9781616386733 Charisma House 1/3/12
Satan You Can't Have My Miracle Dr. Iris Delgado  9781616388782 Charisma House 10/2/12
Satan You Can't Have My Promises Dr. Iris Delgado  9781621362302 Charisma House 1/8/13
School of the Miraculous Kynan Bridges 9781641233040 Whitaker House 1/14/20
School of the Miraculous Study Guide Kynan Bridges 9781641235648 Whitaker House 7/14/20
School of the Presence Kynan Bridges 9780768415001 Destiny Image 11/1/17
Secrets to Spiritual Power Watchman Nee 9780883684986 Whitaker House 2/1/99
Set Free and Delivered  Sophia Ruffin  9781629995243 Charisma House 5/1/18
Spirit-Led Evangelism Ché Ahn 9780800794422 Baker Publishing Group 5/1/08
Spiritual Boot Camp  Kimberly Daniels  9781616387136 Charisma House 10/2/12
Spiritual Housekeeping Kimberly Daniels  9781616382384 Charisma House 9/1/11
Spiritual Warfare George Bloomer 9780883686836 Whitaker House 1/1/04
Stress-Free Living Guillermo Maldonado 9781641233354 Whitaker House 6/25/19
Strongholds Ed Silvoso 9781493413423 Baker Publishing Group 8/21/18
Sudden Breakthrough LaJun and Shaw-Cole, Valora Cole 9780768443585 Destiny Image 10/1/18
Supernatural Breakthrough Journal Guillermo Maldonado 9781641231633 Whitaker House 12/18/18
Supernatural Deliverance Guillermo Maldonado 9781629115986 Whitaker House 1/11/16
Supernatural Transformation Guillermo Maldonado 9781629111957 Whitaker House 6/3/14
Supernaturally Delivered John Veal 9780768450323 Destiny Image 8/1/19
Supernaturally Prophetic John Veal 9780768446333 Destiny Image 6/1/18
That None Should Perish Ed Silvoso 9780800797164 Baker Publishing Group 4/18/95
The Art of War for Spiritual Battle  Cindy Trimm 9781599798721 Charisma House 7/19/10
The Bible-Based Dictionary of Prophetic Symbols Dr. Joe Ibojie 9780768443394 Destiny Image 10/1/18
The Demon Dictionary, Vol 1 Kimberly Daniels  9781621363002 Charisma House 8/6/13
The Glory of the Cross Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda 9780768456417 Destiny Image 2/1/21
The Great Azusa Street Revival William Seymour 9781641235228 Whitaker House 11/10/20
The Healing Handbook Kynan Bridges 9780768406672 Destiny Image 8/18/15
The Hidden Power of Speaking in Tongues Mahesh Chavda 9780768421712 Destiny Image 2/1/03
The Honor Exchange Guillermo Maldonado 9781641233965 Whitaker House 2/2/21
The Kingdom of God in You Revised and Updated Bill Winston 9781680317039 Harrison House 4/1/21
The Kingdom of Power Guillermo Maldonado 9781603747448 Whitaker House 3/7/13
The Nature of God David Yonggi Cho  9780884197737 Charisma House 3/12/02
The Only Answer Is Prayer William McDowell & Jason McMullen 9780800762094 Baker Publishing Group 1/5/21
The Power of Prophetic Prayer Kynan Bridges 9781629116228 Whitaker House 1/26/15
The Prophetic Advantage Study Guide Michelle McClain-Walters  9781629991788 Charisma House 5/2/17
The Prophetic Advantage  Michelle McClain-Walters  9781616386238 Charisma House 10/16/12
The Sound of Freedom Jennifer Weaver 9780768449976 Destiny Image 2/19/19
Til Heaven Invades Earth  Cindy Trimm 9781621362906 Charisma House 9/3/13
Transformation Ed Silvoso 9780800797171 Baker Publishing Group 2/1/10
Unlocking the Code of the Supernatural Kynan Bridges 9781641235808 Whitaker House 1/12/21
Unlocking the Code of the Supernatural Study Guide Kynan Bridges 9781641236263 Whitaker House 1/12/21
Unmasking the Accuser Kynan Bridges 9781629118086 Whitaker House 2/7/17
Unmasking the Devil John Ramirez 9780768408904 Destiny Image 12/1/15
Unseen Warfare Hakeem Collins 9780768452587 Destiny Image 3/1/21
What Is Happening to Me? Jeannie Ortega Law 9780800761769 Baker Publishing Group 2/2/21
When Kingdoms Clash  Cindy Trimm 9781616389482 Charisma House 9/4/12
Wild and Mighty Fire André T. Ashby 9781641230926 Whitaker House 1/8/19
Witchcraft in the Pews George Bloomer 9781629118581 Whitaker House 1/3/17
Witchcraft in the Pews and Spiritual Warfare  George Bloomer  9781641237598 Whitaker House 5/11/21
Woman, Thou Art Blessed T.D. Jakes 9780768452730 Destiny Image 1/1/21
You Shall Recover All John Eckhardt 9781636410265 Charisma House 1/4/22