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ECPA has compiled this list of Christian Books by Authors of Color in several categories. They are listed in alphabetical order by title, and represent a variety of works. This is not a comprehensive list and ECPA will continue to post additional resources to this site.

Church Leadership books by authors of color
Title Author ISBN Publisher Pub date
4 D Impact Olu Brown 9781501880223 Abingdon 4/16/2019
A Manual for Preaching Abraham Kuruvilla 9780801098635 Baker Publishing Group 9/18/2019
A Many Colored Kingdom Elizabeth Conde-Frazier, S. Steve Kang, and Gary A. Parrett 9780801027437 Baker Publishing Group 2/12/2004
A Vision for Preaching Abraham Kuruvilla 9780801096747 Baker Publishing Group 9/8/2015
A Worship Workbook Khalia Williams and Gerald Liu 9781501896569 Abingdon 2/2/2021
African American Christian Worship Melva Wilson Costen 9780687646227 Abingdon 8/30/2003
African American Church Growth Carlisle Fielding Stewart 9780687165414 Abingdon 2/1/1994
African American Church Leadership Dr. Lee June 9780825442735 Kregel Publications 7/8/2013
Alabadle Justo L. González 9780687010325 Abingdon 3/31/1996
Among Wolves Dhati Lewis 9781433644023 B&H Publishing Group 3/1/2017
Becoming a Leader Myles Munroe 9781629119212 Whitaker House 2/6/18
Being Black, Teaching Black Nancy Lynne Westfield 9780687465033 Abingdon 11/1/2008
Beyond the Tyranny of the Text James Hentry Harris 9781501889066 Abingdon 10/15/2019
Big Idea Companion for Preaching and Teaching Matthew D. Kim and Scott M. Gibson, eds. 9781540961792 Baker Publishing Group 4/20/2021
Big Idea Sermons Paul Cannings 9781462774623 B&H Publishing Group 3/1/18
Black Preaching Henry H Mitchell 9780687036141 Abingdon 12/1/1990
Black United Methodists Preach Gennifer Benjamin Brooks 9781426748332 Abingdon 3/1/2012
Blank Slate Jasmine Smothers, Lia McIntosh, Rodney Smothers 9781501876264 Abingdon 3/19/2019
Burden of Freedom Myles Munroe 9781591856191 Charisma House 7/28/2004
Celebration and Experience in Preaching Henry H Mitchell 9780687649198 Abingdon 9/1/2008
Christian Education Freddy Cardoza, ed. 9780801095597 Baker Publishing Group 9/26/2019
Church Shift Sunday Adelaja 9781599790978 Charisma House 1/9/2008
Come, Let Us Worship: The Korean-English United Methodist Hymnal UMC 9780687085132 Abingdon 11/1/2001
Counseling and Psychotherapy Siang-Yang Tan 9780801029660 Baker Publishing Group 11/29/2010
Designing the Sermon James Earl Massey 9780687104901 Abingdon 9/1/1990
Doing Church as a Team Wayne Cordeiro 9780764214493 Baker Publishing Group 9/15/2004
Elijah's Mantle Diane Proctor Reeder 9780825443039 Kregel Publications 7/1/2013
Exodus Preaching Kenyatta Gilbert 9781501832574 Abingdon 2/4/2020
Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons Thabiti Anyabwile 9781433529924 Crossway 12/31/12
Foundational Issues in Christian Education, 3rd Edition Robert W. Pazmiño 9780801035937 Baker Publishing Group 7/11/2008
From and Before God Sugel Michelén 9781535971010 B&H Publishing Group 11/5/19
Fulfilled Kirk Byron Jones 9781426757938 Abingdon 9/17/2013
Goodbye Yesterday Cindy Trimm 9781629996233 Charisma House 2/4/20
Harnessing the Power of Tension Samuel R. Chand 9781641234979 Whitaker House 9/15/20
Homiletics and Hermeneutics Scott M. Gibson and Matthew D. Kim, eds. 9780801098697 Baker Publishing Group 10/25/2018
How to Be Present in an Absent World Eboni Webb (co-author) 9780310100966 Zondervan 2/25/2020
How to Preach a Dangerous Sermon Frank Thomas 9781501856839 Abingdon 2/20/2018
Hymns From the Four Winds UMC 9780687181261 Abingdon 4/1/1983
Immeasurable Skye Jethani 9780802416193 Moody Publishers 10/1/17
Ingenuity: Preaching as an Outsider Lisa Thompson 9781501832598 Abingdon 11/6/2018
Insider Outsider Bryan Loritts 9780310345039 Zondervan 10/2/2018
Introction to the Practice of African American Preaching Frank Thomas 9781501818943 Abingdon 11/15/2016
Jesus Insurgency Dottie Escobedo Frank 9781426740411 Abingdon 2/1/2012
Just Us or Justice? Douglas Powe Jr. 9780687465538 Abingdon 6/1/2009
Kingdom Disciples Tony Evans 9780802412034 Moody Publishers 7/1/17
Leadership As An Identity Crawford Loritts 9780802455277 Moody Publishers 1/1/09
Leadership Awakening Doug Stringer 9781629117362 Whitaker House 10/18/16
Leadership Directions from Moses Olu Brown 9781501832536 Abingdon 4/4/2017
Leadership Revolution John M. Perkins 9780801018176 Baker Publishing Group 10/8/2012
Leading on Empty Wayne Cordeiro 9780764207594 Baker Publishing Group 4/1/2010
Longing for Revival James Choung and Ryan Pfeiffer 9780830845910 InterVarsity Press 1/14/2020
Making Your Vision a Reality Paul Cannings 9780825442742 Kregel Publications 1/28/2013
Manana Justo L. González 9780687230679 Abingdon 7/1/1990
Mil Voces Para Celebrar UMC 9780687431830 Abingdon 3/1/1996
New Thinking, New Future Samuel R. Chand 9781641232173 Whitaker House 5/7/19
New Wine, New Wineskins Douglas Powe Jr. 9781426742224 Abingdon 2/1/2012
Next Marvin Moss 9781426751028 Abingdon 11/19/2013
No Silver Bullets Daniel Im 9781433651540 B&H Publishing Group 9/1/17
Not Safe for Church Douglas Powe Jr and Jasmine Smothers 9781426775765 Abingdon 1/6/2016
One Church Under God Tony Evans 9780802411877 Moody Publishers 8/1/14
Our Global Families Todd M. Johnson and Cindy M. Wu 9780801049576 Baker Publishing Group 2/24/2015
Our Witness to the World Tony Evans 9780802418333 Moody Publishers 2/1/20
Pastor on Track Emanuel Cleaver III 9781426772535 Abingdon 4/15/2014
Power Principles Dale Bronner 9781629118000 Whitaker House 11/7/17
Power Principles Dale Bronner 9781629118819 Whitaker House 11/7/17
Practical Suggestions for Successful Ministry Frederick KC Price 9781629984537 Charisma House 5/12/15
Preaching for Black Self-esteem Henry H Mitchell 9780687338436 Abingdon 10/1/1994
Preaching God's Grand Drama Ahmi Lee 9781540960498 Baker Publishing Group 9/18/2019
Preaching Paul Brad Braxton 9780687021444 Abingdon 12/1/2004
Preaching with Cultural Intelligence Matthew D. Kim 9780801049620 Baker Publishing Group 9/29/2017
Pulpito Justo L. González 9780687088508 Abingdon 9/1/2005
Refill Kirk Byron Jones 9781426796562 Abingdon 10/21/2014
Renovate Leonce B. Crump, Jr. 9781601425546 Multnomah 2/16/2016
ReStart Your Church Dottie Escobedo Frank 9781426743399 Abingdon 10/1/2012
Sermon Seeds Dottie Escobedo Frank 9780687331710 Abingdon 10/1/2005
Shepherding God's People Siang-Yang Tan 9780801097706 Baker Publishing Group 6/13/2019
Songs of Zion UMC 9780687391219 Abingdon 5/1/1981
Spirit Speech Luke Powery 9780687659746 Abingdon 10/1/2009
Surviving A Dangerous Sermon Frank Thomas 9781501896545 Abingdon 4/7/2020
The Adept Church Douglas Powe Jr. 9781501896521 Abingdon 4/21/2020
The Africana Hymnal UMC 9781426776441 Abingdon 2/3/2015
The Burdensome Joy of Preaching James Earl Massey 9780687050697 Abingdon 6/1/1998
The Centrality of the Church Tony Evans 9780802418326 Moody Publishers 2/1/20
The Hum Evans Crawford 9780687180202 Abingdon 3/1/1995
The Irresistible Chuirch Wayne Cordeiro 9781441232250 Baker Publishing Group 5/1/2011
The Jazz of Preaching Kirk Byron Jones 9780687002528 Abingdon 7/31/2004
The Leadership Formula Juan Sanchez 9781535979801 B&H Publishing Group 3/31/20
The Low Road to New Heights Wellington Boone 9781578568611 WaterBrook 11/18/03
The Mentor Leader Tony Dungy 9781414338064 Tyndale House Publishers 8/3/2010
The Power of Character in Leadership Myles Munroe 9781629119496 Whitaker House 4/4/17
The Power of Preaching Tony Evans 9780802418302 Moody Publishers 2/1/19
The Practices of Christian Preaching Jared E. Alcántara 9780801098666 Baker Publishing Group 8/22/2019
The Purpose and Power of Authority Myles Munroe 9781603742627 Whitaker House 12/3/10
The Sequence to Success Samuel R. Chand 9781641233934 Whitaker House 3/10/20
The Soul of a Team Tony Dungy 9781496413772 Tyndale House Publishers 3/8/2022
The Spirit of Leadership Myles Munroe 9781641230261 Whitaker House 3/6/18
The Triumphant Church Tony Suarez 9781424557431 BroadStreet Publishing 11/6/2018
The Wonder of the Word Tony Evans 9780802418319 Moody Publishers 2/1/19
Theology without Borders William A. Dyrness and Oscar García-Johnson 9780801049323 Baker Publishing Group 11/2/2015
Understanding Faith Formation Mark A. Maddix, Jonathan H. Kim, and James Riley Estep Jr. 9781540960382 Baker Publishing Group 10/27/2020
Understanding Folk Religion Paul G. Hiebert, R. Daniel Shaw, and Tite Tiènou 9780801022197 Baker Publishing Group 12/3/1999
What Is Healthy Church Member Thabiti Anyabwile 9781433502125 Crossway 6/30/08
When Faith Catches Fire Samuel Rodriguez 9780735289680 WaterBrook 6/20/2017
Working with Black Youth Charles R. Foster 9780687461967 Abingdon 9/1/1989
Zion Still Sings UMC 9780687335275 Abingdon 6/1/2007

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